Pyramids of the World Share Remarkable Similarities

“Almost everything they teach us about ancient history is wrong. The origins of man, civilizations and pyramids.” So says Dr. Sam Osmanagich in the short, ten-minute video clip posted below. It an excerpt from a presentation he gave at the “Megolithomania” conference last year, and we think it’s fascinating.

Sam shows slides of pyramids all over the world: China, Korea, Cambodia, Tahiti are the biggest surprises. Of course, most people have heard of the Mayan pyramids in Central America. What’s astonishing is how hard mainstream scientists have been working to convince us that enormous, perfectly shaped pyramids oriented toward the ordinal directions are only haphazard piles of stones created by farmers while clearing their sugar cane fields. It’s also amusing to see how the Chinese government tried to cover up the fact there are over 250 pyramids in one area of that country.

We felt it was too bad this video segment is so short. It’s a teaser created in hopes of selling us a DVD of the complete presentation, I think. Nevertheless, it not only gives you a deeper knowledge of how many thousands of pyramids there are in just about every corner of the world, but also a greater understanding of Sam Osmanagich and the work he has been doing.

It seemed a bit surprising Sam didn’t say anything about the Bosnian pyramids he discovered, but that’s probably in the part of the video that got chopped off.

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