Why Sedona’s Powerful Energy Keeps Being “Re-discovered”

sedona toursThe powerful energy that makes Sedona, Arizona so special is a “secret” that keeps getting re-discovered. The original visitors were probably the ancestors of Navajo and Apache Native Americans, who came for spiritual purposes such as vision quests.

In the mid 20th century, Hollywood film crews were more interested in the picturesque red rock formations than the less obvious attractions. But soon after, in the 1950s, it became an artistic center, with such notable residents as author Kahlil Gibran and sculptor and surrealist painter Max Ernst. It was then that people practicing yoga and meditation realized that certain hilltop locations seemed to enhance their practices.

Sedona’s fame really burst into the public eye in 1987 when the Harmonic Convergence was held there, due to a large extent because trance medium Page Bryant had identified four energy vortexes as the focal points of Sedona’s remarkable power.

In 1995, the Chamber of Commerce did a study showing that 64% of the 4,000,000 annual visitors to Sedona came in order to gain “some kind of spiritual experience.”

Sedona Vortex Energy

Because of the mild climate and spectacular scenery, many people find Sedona to be an agreeable place to retire, and many who do develop sudden artistic endeavors, even though they had no previous interest in painting, sculpture or handicrafts. Not everybody can take the constant force of so much energy, however. It is not unusual for first-time visitors to fall in love with the place, buy a home, and then move away a few months later.

If you look at a list of local businesses, you might be surprised to see the exceptionally high concentration of spiritually-oriented enterprises, such as psychics, spiritual counselors, astrologers, massage therapists and other energy workers. A member of the local psychic association once joked that “Sedona is the only city in the world with 1,500 channels and no TV station.”

When we visited, a few decades ago, we were at first skeptical, thinking that the energy vortex stories were just so much hype. That illusion was shattered when we experienced it for ourselves and felt the energy in some locations to be literally tangible.

For those who want to be able to check Sedona off of their bucket list, Body Mind Spirit Journeys has just announced that their 7-day “Sacred Sedona Experience” tour will be happening August 14 – 20, 2016.

The tour leader. Jewels Maloney, made a short video that really captures the spirit as well as the beauty of Sedona. It was recorded at the Seven Sacred Pools, one of the destinations on the tour. You can watch it below.

To see the complete group program itinerary, pricing and access to the registration form, please Click Here.

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Hopi Prophecies Make New Sedona Tour Unique

Hopi Prophecy Rock

Detail view of Hopi Prophecy Rock

Amidst all the buzz about the Mayan Calendar ending December 21, 2012, we sometimes forget that Native Americans also have ancient traditions concerning the fate of life on our planet. I was reminded of this when I saw that Hopi Prophecy Rock is one of the key destinations of a tour to Sedona that BMSJ just announced. According to Hopi traditions, this petroglyph near to the Old Oraibi village gives important clues to the future of humanity.

I have traveled to Sedona twice and experienced the powerful earth energies at the Sedona vortexes first hand, but I my one visit to the Hopi nation did not include Prophecy Rock. This is not surprising, for as important as that sacred place is, most tours to this part of the Arizona desert do not go there, making BMSJ’s up-coming November program all that more special.

The tour dates are set for the Thanksgiving long weekend, from November 23rd through the 27th, a feature that will make this sacred journey more accessible for some working people.

One of the features I personally like about the itinerary is the very impressive credentials of the local host, Clint Frakes. He is practically a walking encyclopedia when it comes not only to Sedona and the vortexes, but particularly with regard to Native American culture and traditions. His talk about Hopi Prophecy Rock, and the meanings of those mysterious stone carvings are bound to make this a pilgrimage for a lifetime. Another bonus will be his leading the group to a medicine wheel where he will conduct a ceremony as well as talk about the meaning of this important spiritual tradition.

Toward the end of the program, Clint will also be leading the group on a meditation at a Sedona labyrinth.

Participation in this special event will be limited, so anyone who is interested would be well advised to book their reservations as far ahead as possible.

Here is a link to see the complete itinerary for the Thanksgiving Sedona Tour.


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