Sean Penn Helps Egyptian Tourism

Sean Penn is in Cairo to help promote Egyptian tourism

Sean Penn is in Cairo to help promote Egyptian tourism

Sean Penn is in Cairo, Egypt. He has been visiting the main tourist areas in the country to show his support for the Egyptian revolution and the freedom of its people.

The American actor was seen going to the major Islamic and Coptic sites. He went to the El-Soltan Hassan Mosque and the Moez Street religious complex. According to the Egyptian Tourist Board, he went to the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum yesterday, as well as Tahrir Square. Tomorrow is he has planned to go on a Nile tour.

It was reported that the reason for his going to Egypt was to demonstrate to the world that it is safe to travel there, as there were rumors floating around that Egypt was in a condition of chaos. Penn stated that people should appreciate Egypt’s unique “touristic and archaeological value.”

We believe this goes a long way to answer the question about is it safe to visit Egypt.

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Egyptian Tourism: Is Egypt Travel Safe?

Egyptian Tourism: Is Egypt Travel Safe?Egypt has long been a favorite spiritual travel destination. When Napoleon visited the Great Pyramid in 1798 and spent the night in the King’s Chamber, it was reported that he was powerfully moved by the experience.

Recent political turmoil in Egypt, with President Hosni Mubarak stepping down, has caused much worry about whether it is safe for visitors to travel to Egypt and experience its ancient wonders. Body Mind Spirit Journeys has an Egyptian “Journey to the Land of Ancient Wisdom and Mysteries” tour, hosted by Stephen S. Mehler and Shahrzad Awyan, scheduled for October 15 through 28, 2011. Several of the people interested in this tour have expressed their concern about whether it will continue as planned.

In recent days there have been many very positive signs that Egypt travel is returning to normalcy. It was reported yesterday by Canadian news sources that Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon met in Cairo with Egypt’s new leaders. At the meeting Mr. Cannon pledged to work toward lifting his department’s warning for Canadians wanting to travel to Egypt.

“I think it’s incumbent that the country be able to restore the great tourism industry it does have,” Mr. Cannon said. He also announced that Canada was giving $11 Million to Egypt to help foster democracy.

When Body Mind Spirit Journeys asked Stephen Mehler about the safety of his up-coming tour, his positive reply was that there may never be a better time to visit Egypt.

“It has been predicted that 2011 and 2012 will be years of great change for humanity and the Earth.,” Mr. Mehler explained. “This has been partially reflected by the revolution in Egypt.  We strongly feel that Egypt will now be able to reveal much more of her ancient wonders and wisdom to the world and it may now be the best time to come to this amazing land.”

Stephen Mehler went on to say, “We will not travel to Egypt unless we are sure it is completely safe.”

To see the full itinerary of his spiritual Egypt tour, co-hosted with Shahrzad Awyan, please go to

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