Ladakh, India Tour Update

Since before the beginning of recorded history, people have consulted oracles. This is a practice common to both western and eastern traditions. Oracles solve problems, give advice and foretell the future. But if you think oracles are only a thing of the past, you are wrong. They are still an important part of the Tibetan culture that is very much alive in Ladakh, India, where miracles seem to be performed. How can a monk who is blindfolded make acrobatic leaps between the rooftops of buildings? Are they really guided by spirits? You can experience these ancient traditions yourself in an up-coming tour from Body Mind Spirit Journeys. Watch this short video by the tour host, Lisa Tully… The “Mystics of Ladakh” Tour is slated for March 6 – 19, 2014. This 14-day program gives you the rare opportunity to witness the oracles, shamans and other ancient cultural traditions of Tibet that still exist in Ladakh, India.

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