Egyptian Antiquity Sites Now Fully Open

Egypt tour KarnakA few weeks ago we reported about the question of whether it is safe to visit Egypt, saying that this is one of the best times ever to tour Egyptian sacred sites. Today, we would like to give you an update because we have just received more news about the state of tourism in Egypt from Stephen S. Mehler.

Stephen is an independent Egyptologist and Tour Leader for Body, Mind, Spirit Journeys. He has been involved with tours to Egypt since 1992 when he became a student of the late indigenous wisdom keeper, Egyptologist and senior tour guide, Abd’El Hakim Awyan.  Stephen worked with and led tours with Hakim from 1998-2007, and he now works with Hakim’s eldest daughter, Shahrzad.

The good news from Stephen is that Egyptian ancient sacred sites are now fully open and staffed, and the general public, including international visitors are being welcomed. The word received from recent visitors — people who have been to Egypt during the last month — is that they enjoyed greater access to antiquity sites than ever before. There is full security provided, and the crowds are fewer.

Perhaps the most positive news is that there seems to be a fresh energy and spirit being demonstrated by the Egyptian people, and it is tangible at ancient sites such as Karnak and the Great Pyramid at Giza.

What it all adds up to is that now and the near future may be the most fulfilling and opportune times to plan a trip to Egypt.

Stephen and Shahrzad are leading a full tour to Egypt from October 15 through 28, 2011.

Please click for details on Stephen’s Spiritual Egypt Tour.

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