Bosnian Pyramids Confirmed as Manmade

Dr. Sam Osmanagich at a Bosnian pyramid

Dr. Sam Osmanagich at a Bosnian pyramid

Our friend Tom T. Moore wrote about the Bosnian Pyramids and Dr. Semir “Sam” Osmanagich in his most recent newsletter, confirming that the pyramids are structures that were deliberately built rather than being natural formations. It seems that Tom attended a lecture that Sam gave, during which he presented compelling evidence that detailed extensive scientific proof leaving no doubt that the pyramids are manmade. Tom also went on to explain why so many people are trying so hard to claim that the Bosnian pyramids are not real. Among those critics are the Egyptian establishment, who don’t want there to be an older and larger pyramid than theirs in Giza, and religious leaders who say it’s heresy to believe there could be a pyramid 10,000 years old. Tom wrote:

Do not believe anyone who tries to claim it isn’t manmade.  There has been a concerted effort by the head of Egyptian Antiquities Zahi Hawass, putting pressure on archeologists and scientists in Europe to say the Bosnian Pyramids are natural phenomena.  When one of his own staff visited the pyramids and declared they were manmade, he was fired upon his return to Egypt.  His letters to these people I believe is a thinly veiled attempt to threaten their future digs in Egypt.  And there is the religious backlash, as they can scientifically prove these pyramids are over 10,000 years old, and there are religious groups in both Egypt and Bosnia that would claim this is heresy.

Plus keep in mind this is big business for the Egyptians.  Up until the recent unrest in Egypt, there was 30 billion dollars in tourism each year.  Even if Bosnia was to take 10% of that away it would amount to 3 billion dollars!  That’s why Hawass and the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Culture had a meeting to discuss just the Bosnian Pyramids.

Sam will personally take visitors to see the Bosnian Pyramids on a group tour in September, 2012. Click here for the Bosnian Pyramids Tour itinerary.

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