Meet Host and Teacher Carolyne Gowen

Carolyne Gowen will be leading a meditation workshop in Santorini, Greece in July, 2014. She is, among many accomplishments, a certified teacher of Awakening The Illuminated Heart.

If you have been considering going on her program, here is some additional insight into who Carolyne is. The article below describes one of her experiences in the ATIH workshop. She asked us to share it with our readers:

Connecting To My Mother In My Heart
Some of us have thought about contacting a medium when one of our loved ones has died – a partner, a family member or a friend. I know that I have done this myself when my mother died on May 20, 2007.
I now have a special meditation that allows me to contact her whenever I want.
When I was doing my teacher training for Awakening the Illuminated Heart, I went into the Sacred and Tiny Place of your heart. Most of us have seen the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We all have a Sacred Heart and within our Sacred Heart is the Tiny Place of our heart. You just need to be shown how to enter it.
When you enter the Tiny Place of your heart, you can call forward your Higher Self and any past friends or relatives who have died. My mother came to see me in the Tiny Place of my heart. She told me that she loved me very much and that I was totally worthy (I’m starting to be emotional as I’m writing this). To give this some reference, Mum only told me once that she loved me and that was when Dad died. Believe it or not, sometimes I have worthiness issues. This experience was really overwhelming for me and I came out of the meditation crying as it was real and so beautiful.
A few months later, it was Mum’s birthday. I took a picture of her wedding photo so I could post it on Facebook. There was a flash reflection in the photograph on her Sacred and Tiny Place of her heart. I cried again as I knew she was communicating with me. Mum was always deeply religious and I knew that she would be proud of me teaching this very special and profound work. I knew at a very deep level that Mum finally ‘got me’.
When I taught my first workshop on the January long weekend I knew that Mum was in the room with me. I could feel her presence and whenever I mentioned her name or re-told this story to my students, I became very emotional.
I have been in many ATIH workshops. I have seen students call in Mary Magdelene, Jesus, past loved ones and parents and even themselves in a past life on earth and other planets.
The journey of entering into your heart is a very special and personal experience.

For more information about Carolyne and her up-coming meditation workshop in Santorini, Greece, please visit

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Delphi Oracle Site is Highlight of Ancient Greece Tour

Temple of Apollo at Delphi

Temple of Apollo at Delphi

One of the most important sacred sites on earth is the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in Greece. For hundreds of years kings and peasants would make the pilgrimage to Mount Parnassus to seek advice from the Oracle at Delphi. Now, Body Mind Spirit Journeys has announced a “Sacred Odyssey into the Heart of Ancient Greece” that will be led by Phil Cousineau, author of “The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker’s Guide to Making Travel Sacred.”

In the book, Cousineau reminds us of the story about rich King Croesus, the mighty ruler of Lydia who asked the Oracle whether he should march on Persia. Her reply was “If Croesus crosses the river Aly a mighty empire will fall.” Croesus did march and was defeated. “In his haste and hubris,” Cousineau wrote, “he forgot to ask which empire” would fall.

As tour leader, Phil Cousineau will encourage participants on the guided group tour to prepare for their pilgrimage by considering what question they might ask the Oracle if she were still there.

The Delphi site, built to honor Gaia, the earth Goddess, was not located where it is by accident. The sages who selected the location said there was an abundance of “plenum,” a mysterious substance, bubbling up from the ground there. So reports James A. Swan in his book “The Power of Place.” We wonder if the plenum can still be detected at Delphi today.

The dates of the tour are June 12 through 22, 2012, and other important sites on the itinerary include Athens, Olympia — the site of the original Olympic Games — and the island of Santorini (which many people believe is the remains of the lost world of Atlantis).

There will also be an optional tour extension to Crete, featuring an excursion to the palace of Knossos, home of the legendary Minotaur, June 20 through 25th.

To see all of the details for this tour, please visit this link to the Sacred Sites of Greece Tour.





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