Discover the Oracles of Ladakh

by Lisa Tully

A blindfolded monk jumps from the roof of one building to another. A woman chants for an hour before sucking a man’s kidney stone from his body using only her breath and a hollow tube.

Diseases are cured, lame animals are mended and futures are predicted all by human mediums channeling divine spirits.

Is this possible? Is it real? How are these miracles performed? These are all questions you will grapple with when you visit Ladakh on our Mystics of Ladakh Tour.

What are Oracles?

Since ancient times, in both eastern and western traditions, Oracles have been consulted for advice and problem solving; both for day-to-day issues as well as future prophesies. On a basic level, these are people able to give wise counsel to the community and provide sound judgment in difficult times.

In Tibetan culture there is another layer to these wise and revered people. These Kuten, which literally translates as “the physical basis” and means that they are the physical vessel, are endowed with mystical qualities.

They use these qualities to channel the Oracle, or divine spirit, through trance. The Kuten serve as a bridge between our world and the spiritual world. For centuries this was the primary way that people communicated with their God and deities.

For example when the Dalai Lama was fleeing the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959 he consulted his Oracle for the time of departure and the route to take. And he managed to escape safely to India. Still to this day the Tibetan government in exile have a state Oracle that they regularly consult.

This practice of consulting Oracles may feel strange as you encounter it for the first time. This ancient art has been largely lost to all but a few cultures. During the Matho Nagrang festival, Oracles come before the community in a trance state.

What happens at the winter festival of the Oracles?

As the festival begins, the monks have shed their yellow and maroon robes for vibrant colorful costumes made of silk that flow as they dance. The masks they wear during the dance represent the gods and goddess that the people of community worship and pray to.

For the devotee, it is a holy sight to behold the patron saints as they twirl and chant. After two days of this preparation, the Oracles are brought among the people. They enter already in a trance state and are blindfolded as well.

They have spent one month in seclusion preparing for this time and purifying themselves. They perform unbelievable feats of acrobatics and impossible feats to demonstrate how strongly the divine spirit is with them. The spirit protects the vessel from harm as these miracles are performed.

Then it is time for the community to come forward and make their requests of the Oracles. Some will ask for blessings, others for cures for diseases.

Many will ask about their futures and life has in store for them. Instantaneous healings are performed and rituals are conducted to help those with obstacles to remove.

What will it be like for you to experience this first hand?

The mystery and sense of awe one has at being in proximity to these other worldly spirits is powerful and if open to the magic, can change your perceptions miracles and communication with The Divine. Prepare to open your eyes wide and your mind even farther as you experience this ancient tradition.

For you will be challenged by what you see; your old patterns and beliefs will spend a great deal of time looking for “the trick” and attempting to rationalize how what you’ve just seen isn’t mystical but has a very rational explanation.

Push yourself to look beyond your conditioning and experience what the devotee experiences; a brief moment to connect with the spiritual and receive healing from a divine being. And know in your heart of hearts that it is no accident that you have found yourself submersed in this ancient world.

For some reason the spirits wanted you to travel to the ancient land of Ladakh and experience these wonders – and only you can discover that reason through being open in the moment and taking time for honest reflection in the weeks and months that follow.

For our tours are not just a temporary break from the norm, they are an opening into your future, which we believe deserves to be the best it can be. Taking time to do sacred journeys always brings rewards and having the courage to jump into them is your first step.

Breathe deep into your heart and ask is this my time? And if that feeling of bliss arises then know the world of spirit is saying yes…

To learn more about our upcoming Mystics of Ladakh tour click here.

Curious to explore it a bit more? To get a real feel for the Oracle magic watch this enchanting video of the Matho Nagrang festival that awaits you should you decide to join our sacred quest into this forgotten world

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Dalai Lama Teachings and Meditation Retreat in India

Lisa Tully and Lama Buga Tire

Lisa Tully and Lama Buga Tire

Our latest tour offering includes a trip to Dharamsala India to attend teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This is something that is quite difficult for most westerners to arrange, but the host of this tour, Lisa Tully, has inside help. Her friend, Buga, is a Tibetan Buddhist monk who lives in McLeod Ganj, where HHDL also resides.

Lama Buga Tire also spent two years at the Buddhist meditation center that is the location for the second part of this unique tour, a 10-day silent retreat at the Tushita Meditation Centre in McLeod Ganj.

Lisa is originally from Ireland, but she currently lives in London, England. A yoga and meditation enthusiast, Lisa describes the motivation for her programs as “helping her Western brothers and sisters become free from spiritual poverty” by immersing them in the Tibetan Buddhist lifestyle”

The dates for this program are October 27 through November 7, 2011. To see the full itinerary please visit: Dalai Lama India Meditation Tour on the Body Mind Spirit Journeys main website.

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