New Video Demonstrates Bosnian Pyramids Are Real

semir osmanagic

Semir Osmanagic

In doing research about the up-coming Bosnian Pyramids Tour in September that includes attendance at the third International Conference in Sarajevo, one cannot help but notice that not everyone believes the pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina are real.

When we say real, of course they really exist, but there are some who claim they are naturally occurring land masses and were not constructed deliberately. (Whether they were built by human beings or by some other entities is not within the realm of this discussion.)

A short time ago, the well-known author and lecturer Tom T. Moore met Sam Osmanagic during a tour in the U.S. and after learning the facts, he was left totally convinced that the pyramids were man-made. Still, critics cast doubts.

To refute these claims and to demonstrate clearly that they are not simply accidents of nature, the man who is credited with discovering the pyramids, Dr. Semir “Sam” Osmanagic, assisted in the making of a video, which was very recently published on YouTube. After watching this video, we do not see how anyone could still labor under the delusion that this carefully oriented and arranged grouping of pyramids happened accidentally and were not deliberately planned and constructed.

The video is quite short, less than nine minutes in length, but it shows in vivid detail the physical evidence that the Bosnian Pyramids are indeed real.

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New Video on Bosnian Pyramids with Dr. Sam Osmanagic

Dr. Semir Osmanagic

Dr. Semir Osmanagic discovered the Bosnian pyramids.

I was browsing on YouTube today and discovered that a new video of a presentation by Dr. Sam Osmanagic has just been posted that gives many details about not only the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids, but also similar pyramids in other parts of the world, including Peru and Mexico.

Some disbelievers say that the Bosnian pyramids are not human constructions but simply natural formations. But if you watch the video, you will see evidence of stone blocks shaped by human hands that were revealed after vegetation and soil were removed.

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Further into the presentation, Dr. Osmanagic gives details about the vast network of underground tunnels that have been discovered beneath the pyramids. For example, some of the boulders inside the tunnels have mysterious symbols engraved on them.

Another of the mysterious artifacts that have been found in the same area of Bosnia are stone spheres. Similar to the ones that have been discovered in Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand, Easter Island and the western U.S., the Bosnian giant stone balls are perfectly round shaped. Obviously shaped by human hands, some are made from granite, while others were formed from sandstone and volcanic material. Do carvings on some of these stone spheres relate to astrological constellations? Dr. Osmanagic says these mysterious stones are evidence of a highly advanced prehistoric civilization that left clues of its existence all over the world.

After you have watched the video, if you would like to experience the Bosnian pyramids, underground tunnels and stone spheres in person, you can join Dr. Osmanagic on a tour in September. The itinerary includes Visoko, the Valley of the Pyramids, Medjugorge, Mostar, Visoko, Sarajevo as well as admission to the next International Conference on the Bosnian Pyramids.

Click here to see the Bosnian Pyramids Tour web page at Body Mind Spirit Journeys.

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