Two Tours Celebrate 12/12/12 at Lake Titicaca

Aramu Muru's Golden Solar DiscMost numerologists agree December 12, 2012 will be a day of great significance, and Body Mind Spirit Journeys is offering two different programs that share the same experience on 12/12/12, a ceremony at Peru’s Lake Titicaca.

This location, according to legend, is where the great golden disc of Aramu Muru was hidden. Also known as the Solar Disc, it is said to have been brought to Peru from Lemuria prior to its sinking. It was like a powerful computer, capable of accessing cosmic wisdom. The ceremony to be held on 12-12-12 will take place at the beach of the island of Taquile. Its intent is to re-activate the Solar Disc and enable participants to connect with their Inner Sun.

One of the tours is led by Jorge Luis Delgado, an Andean shaman, mystic and healer. The December 8 – 14 basic program includes the Lake Titicaca and Chucuito area, and there is an extension to Machu Picchu, Cusco and the Sacred Valley that runs through to December 22nd.

Spiritual counselor Carolina Hehenkamp leads a December 7 – 18 itinerary that features sacred sites in Peru and Bolivia, with two Mexico extensions. A Yucatan extension to Izamal, Uxmal and Chichen Itza concludes December 23rd, and an optional Playa del Carmen vacation runs through to December 28th.

Both programs also include the opportunity to explore one of the most mysterious places I have ever experienced, the Aramu Muru doorway (or Portal) near Lake Titicaca. It is located near a site known as the Valley of the Spirits and is surrounded by ancient rock formations that are shaped like creatures from ancient mythology: condor, puma, snake, caterpillar and butterfly. Some say they were sculpted tens of thousands of years ago when an ancient mystery school was located there, while others say the shapes were simply made by natural erosion.

For more information about both 12/12/12 tours, please click these links:

Peru Portal Conference with Jorge Luis Delgado

Peru, Bolivia and Mexico with Carolina Hehenkamp

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12-12-12 Peru Portal Conference Tour Announced

Aramu Muru DoorwayAramu Muru’s Portal (or Doorway) near Lake Titicaca in Peru is without a doubt one of the strangest and most powerfully eerie places I have ever visited. According to legend, this sacred site is associated with the founder of the Inca empire, Aramu Muru, who became known later as Manco Kapac. He escaped from the sinking continent of Mu, bringing with him a wondrous solar disk.

The area is near the city of Puno, near Peru’s border with Bolivia, and it abounds with rock formations that look like a puma, caterpillar, butterfly and other creatures from legends. Just before we arrived at the Portal, we passed the Valley of Spirits. We were told this place is associated with shamans, and the locals are afraid to venture into its depths.

Of the portal itself, it is said a band of musicians once managed to find their way through it and went into another dimension, never to be seen again. It is associated with the “Monastery of the Seven Rays” written about by George Hunt Williamson.

There are some who say the shaped rocks were fashioned by nature eroding the stones. Others believe the area was an ancient Mystery School more than 10,000 years ago, much like Marcahuasi north of Lima, where there are stone sculptures resembling dinosaurs, faces of people of many different races, and animals that are not native to Peru.

My tour group was fortunate to be led by Jorge Luis Delgado, who re-discovered the portal after being guided by a series of visions. And it is Jorge who will be leading a new tour of the Portal and other sacred sites and power places in Peru on the 12th of December. Yes, that date is 12-12-12!

Body Mind Spirit Journeys yesterday announced details of the 12-12-12 Peru tour. The main body of the tour features the Lake Titicaca area and the Portal Conference that culminates on December 12, 2012. There is also a post-Conference extension that goes to Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Pisac, and Ollyantaytambo — some of the most powerful sacred sites on the planet.

Simply to visit these places of power is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but to be led by an expert in ancient wisdom such as Jorge Luis can make such a journey a truly life-changing event.

Here is a link to the Peru Portal 12-12-12 itinerary.


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