Insights on the Dharamsala Buddhist Meditation Retreat

One of the greatest challenges of going on a spiritual journey in a strange land is facing the unknown. And when that journey includes a ten-day silent meditation retreat, even the most fearless pilgrim may need some reassurances of what the experience will be like. For anyone who has been thinking about going on the Tibetan Path in India Tour and Retreat May 30 – June 17, 2013, it may be useful to hear from someone who has already had the experience.

Lee Ann went on the trip in June 2012. Here is what she had to say afterwards:

lee-ann“I am very glad to have had the opportunity to join in this journey. Still yet, almost a year later, the trip is on my mind every day. I have a new perspective on life that I believe I will carry all through my life.

New and different always is unsettling; however, with greater risks there are greater rewards. The first night upon arriving there are doubts & fears. That said, even from the start at the airport pick up gate, an English speaking person was provided, as I only speak English; which was very helpful. During the trip Lisa was personally on hand as well as the monks; which gave me confidence & comfort. She provided the necessary information to stay safe and healthy and guided us all through the maneuvers to new locations; which gave me freedom without worries.

The trip was the most profound trip I have ever taken and I would not trade it for any other trip. I am so grateful to have the experience as well as for such great causes; spiritual development, & education regarding the plight of the Tibetan people. I have grown and am a different person for having made the trip and for jumping in with both feet ready.

The land is very different from my home. However, by the end of the trip and even after having left, I have the sense that I could easy have remained there and would even consider living there. The land and people have my heart.”

Lisa Tully is the tour leader for the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhist meditation tours that Body Mind Spirit Journeys offers. Here is what she had to say about Lee Ann:

For us it was obvious that Lee Ann was serious about her spiritual growth from day one. She embraced the land that is India like a true spiritual warrior. With grace and acceptance. So to know a dedicated person like her got all of this from our tour, tells us we are hitting the mark with the kind of people we want to hit it with.

Are you an authentic seeker who would enjoy a similar experience? For details on our next tour to Dharamsala click here.

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