Why You Should Escape Civilization and Reconnect With Nature

Body Mind Spirit Journeys understands the importance of spirituality and offers fantastic opportunities to discover this side of yourself. Tours to the world’s most sacred sites usually involve going off the beaten track, in an attempt to strengthen mental and physical wellbeing. They are a journey into the unknown, so that you can escape the distractions of everyday life and find your true self. Humans are distinct in their search for spirituality, but like other animals we need to feel connected to the beauty and majesty of the Earth. Here’s how spending more time in nature can aid your spiritual journey.

Allowing Your Mind to Recharge

If you live in a busy city or you work on a computer, you probably find yourself feeling tired often. This is due to the overstimulation of the brain. Twitter feeds, advertisements and constant emails keep the brain busy.

You can offset the effects of this and calm the mind using nature. The natural world relaxes the brain, but also keeps some parts active in a way that aids spirituality. Nature intrigues us because it is wild and mysterious. It creates a tranquility and serenity, yet somehow reveals something more profound than the artificial world.

The flowing of water, chirping of birds and soft howl of the wind all act with a comforting harmony. By spending time in this environment, we can sync up with the natural rhythm of nature. Without putting in any effort, we will feel robust sense of inner calm. This makes the natural world the ideal place to practice yoga and meditation.

Reconnecting With Yourself

The universe is the extension of your true self. The interconnectedness of planets and stars is similar to the structure of the eye, neurological pathways and blood vessels. Modern technology creates a barrier to realizing this truth.

While it is not necessarily wise to go and live in the wild, away from civilization, spending some time among nature every now and then is crucial. This is where the air is cleanest, so that we can awaken a deeper spirituality. Meditative states require a healthy, natural environment, where we can feel at one with ourselves and the universe.

Taking a spiritual journey to a distant location pushes us to our limits. Travel reveals what we are capable of, so that we can form a connection with our true selves. We are more brave and powerful than we usually realize, and journeying to distant and remote places helps us to learn this.

Modern civilization is a brilliant thing, but recent scientific and psychological research is confirming the teachings of ancient sages. Humans need nature to unwind from stress and reconnect with something greater. By venturing into the unknown, we can truly experience transcendence.

Photo by Aleksandra Boguslawska on Unsplash

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Bosnian Pyramids Archaeology Update

While Kathleen McGowan and her tour group are currently exploring Bosnia and Croatia, I thought it would be a good time to catch up on all the archaeological research that has been going on in, around and under the Bosnian Pyramids. The work, started 11 years ago, has been more active than ever, with most of the digging happening in the summer months, June to September.

Bosnian Pyramids archaeologyWorking at the site are men and women from around the world. Both professionals and non-professional volunteers have come from North and South America, Australia and Asia as well as Europe to help uncover the mysteries.

One project that can be worked on year-around is happening underneath the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. That is the clearing out of the underground, labyrinthine tunnel named “Ravne.” So far 1,900 meters, or well over a mile of the prehistoric passageway has been cleared and made secure to explore.

Even more exciting is the news that, a few weeks ago, at the end of August, 2017, another section of the tunnel, 58 meters long and filled with water, was discovered. Dr. Semir “Sam” Osmanagich, the discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids and Principal Investigator of the underground tunnels said, “It’s a special feeling to enter into the space in which a human foot hasn’t made a step for thousands of years.”

Here is a video with more details about this water-filled tunnel…

Another area that has been slowly giving up its secrets is “Bell Tower Hill.” This modified landscape feature is within “Archaeological-Tourist Park Ravne 2.” So far, volunteers have discovered two tunnels beneath the hill. Work is now ongoing to create an underground meditation space, which will be open to the public. This is because of the unusual levels of energy that have been measured in the tunnels, phenomena believed to assist healing. A report issued by the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, stated: “the purpose of the hollows, tunnels and (resonant) chambers is essential. These passages amplify existing natural energy sources created by the underground water streams and quartz crystal.”

Unusual healing properties have previously been documented within the Ravne underground labyrinth. Over the past 11 years, workers and visitors who spent time inside the chamber reported positive testimonials about improvements to their health. When seeking possible explanations for these healing properties, it was suggested that the complex might hold a rich concentration of beneficial negative ions. For more information about a pilot study that investigated the health benefits of the Ravne underground tunnel, please CLICK HERE.

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A Message About Bosnia From Kathleen McGowan

The leader of the September 2 – 12, 2017 Bosnian Pyramids tour will be Kathleen McGowan, the best selling author of the “Magdalene Line” books, whose group tours of France and the UK have a track record of filling up astonishingly fast.

We recently asked her about Bosnia and we think you will be interested to know some of the things she related.

A Message from Kathleen McGowan About Bosnia

Kathleen McGowanBosnia is a “next level” spiritual power. When I say it will change you, I mean at the core and cellular level. I may have had an amazing, adventurous, Indiana Jane kind of life, but NOWHERE ON EARTH has impacted me like Bosnia.
There is a reason why traditional historians and archaeologists are afraid of the place. There is a reason why you don’t hear every day that these pyramids are potentially 30,000 years old. There is a reason why the extensive international studies about its power and potential purpose have been buried.

To know and understand what is happening in Bosnia, you truly have to go there. You have to experience the power for yourself — let it sink into your human essence and penetrate who and what you are. Your understanding of human potential will be changed utterly.

If you are a lightworker or a healer who wants to take your mission to the next level, making a pilgrimage to Bosnia and spending concentrated time at these sacred sites is like getting a double Ph.D. The data regarding the often miraculous healing effects within the Ravne tunnels is amazing, and also something that needs to be experienced.

If you are a fan of Ancient Aliens, or a supporter of the theories around Atlantis and/or other lost ancient civilizations, Bosnia will expand your understanding of all these subjects.

And then there is the Mary Magdalene connection. Medjugorje is a magical and very powerful feminine place. It is not a coincidence that there were Marian apparitions in the same place there were also Bogomils and pyramids!

If you would like to join me on this adventure of a lifetime, Click Here to get started.

If you would like to get a deeper understanding about the discoveries in Bosnia, we recommend you listen to a recording of an interview Dr. Sam Osmanagich did on a radio station in Ireland. The video is posted below…


The Safety Question

When Body Mind Spirit Journeys announced their tours to Bosnia to see the newly discovered pyramids, some people were concerned about whether or not the trip would be safe, because they associated Bosnia with the war that ended more than two decades ago. Fortunately, the area has been very peaceful and inviting for a long time now. If there were any question about personal safety, BMSJ would not be offering tours. (Have you noticed that they do not have any Egypt programs at the current time?)

Click Here to See the Complete Itinerary of
Kathleen’s September 2 – 12, 2017 Bosnia Tour


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Why Sedona’s Powerful Energy Keeps Being “Re-discovered”

sedona toursThe powerful energy that makes Sedona, Arizona so special is a “secret” that keeps getting re-discovered. The original visitors were probably the ancestors of Navajo and Apache Native Americans, who came for spiritual purposes such as vision quests.

In the mid 20th century, Hollywood film crews were more interested in the picturesque red rock formations than the less obvious attractions. But soon after, in the 1950s, it became an artistic center, with such notable residents as author Kahlil Gibran and sculptor and surrealist painter Max Ernst. It was then that people practicing yoga and meditation realized that certain hilltop locations seemed to enhance their practices.

Sedona’s fame really burst into the public eye in 1987 when the Harmonic Convergence was held there, due to a large extent because trance medium Page Bryant had identified four energy vortexes as the focal points of Sedona’s remarkable power.

In 1995, the Chamber of Commerce did a study showing that 64% of the 4,000,000 annual visitors to Sedona came in order to gain “some kind of spiritual experience.”

Sedona Vortex Energy

Because of the mild climate and spectacular scenery, many people find Sedona to be an agreeable place to retire, and many who do develop sudden artistic endeavors, even though they had no previous interest in painting, sculpture or handicrafts. Not everybody can take the constant force of so much energy, however. It is not unusual for first-time visitors to fall in love with the place, buy a home, and then move away a few months later.

If you look at a list of local businesses, you might be surprised to see the exceptionally high concentration of spiritually-oriented enterprises, such as psychics, spiritual counselors, astrologers, massage therapists and other energy workers. A member of the local psychic association once joked that “Sedona is the only city in the world with 1,500 channels and no TV station.”

When we visited, a few decades ago, we were at first skeptical, thinking that the energy vortex stories were just so much hype. That illusion was shattered when we experienced it for ourselves and felt the energy in some locations to be literally tangible.

For those who want to be able to check Sedona off of their bucket list, Body Mind Spirit Journeys has just announced that their 7-day “Sacred Sedona Experience” tour will be happening August 14 – 20, 2016.

The tour leader. Jewels Maloney, made a short video that really captures the spirit as well as the beauty of Sedona. It was recorded at the Seven Sacred Pools, one of the destinations on the tour. You can watch it below.

To see the complete group program itinerary, pricing and access to the registration form, please Click Here.

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May 16 – 22, 2016 Spiritual Sedona Experience Announced

A spiritual tour of Sedona, Arizona has just been announced that incorporates the most awesome beauty and profound power of one of the most inspirational locations in America. Having read a lot of stories about Sedona’s energy vortexes and their connection with the New Age movement, I discounted the reports as just so much hype until I experienced them in person. After discovering the vortex energy is tangible, I realized the magic of Sedona is genuine.

Long before Europeans invaded the continent, the area around Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon was sacred to various aboriginal people, including Hopi, and Navajo who would come to meditate at the areas we now call the Vortexes.

The term “vortex” was initially coined by Page Bryant, a trance medium. She listed Sedona’s most important centers of energy as Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon.

Airport Mesa Vortex

Juniper tree at Airport Mesa Vortex, Sedona

I was told that high energy sites can be identified by the appearance of juniper trees. The more twisted are the branches, the nearer you are to an energy vortex. When my partner and I visited Airport Mesa, we moved to a saddle between a pair of hills where the Junipers were extremely twisty. After sitting for only a short time, I felt too active and full of energy to just sit and meditate. I wanted to jump around. My partner said she felt “tingling waves” in the middle of her body. Cathedral Rock, to me felt very different. My mood there was calm and I felt nurtured by the feminine energy from Mother Earth.

Originally, the Sedona area was settled by ranchers, but it was not until it was discovered by artists that residents started realizing how powerful the energy of the vortexes could be. People began going there to meditate and do yoga. The energy has the ability to stimulate creativity. I was told of many older people who were not previously artistic, started taking up painting, drawing, pottery making and other creative endeavors after retiring to Sedona.

Boynton Canyon has been characterized as “a mysterious twilight zone or in-between place where Spirit is sometimes revealed.” Others described the area as a “gateway to a vast unconscious realm.” The canyon is a special place for Native Americans including Taos and Apache. Some people have come back from hikes reporting they saw “the spirit of an old man with long white hair in a braid, having a kind but serious face,” One writer said this spirit is a guardian whose message is that people should respect the land.

It is interesting to note that the four groups of aboriginal people who settled Sedona came there from the four sacred directions: Yavapai from the West, Apaches from the East, Hopi from the South and Athabascans from the North.

The reason for Sedona’s energetic power has been theorized in a variety of different explanations. Raymond Mardyks, writing in Star Temples in the Stones, says the stone formations in are energized through their alignment to constellations in the sky. Marty Wolf of Earth Wisdom tours has a more down to earth theory, saying the red sandstone rocks are energized because the iron and quartz can store magnetic energy.

In Sacred Sites of the West, Bernyce Barlow wrote about underground fault lines, rivers, cracks and fissures, along with the high concentrations of minerals in the soil gave Sedona its unique personality. About the vortexes she said that they “interact with so many other kinds of earth energies that the vortex experience can become a mental barbell workout.”

The May, 2016 Sacred Sedona Tour, recently announced by Body Mind Spirit Journeys, will be led by Dr. Jewels Maloney, who has lived in Sedona for 15 years, and leading tours and ceremonies for visitors since 2003. She is a university professor, Reiki master, and author of several metaphysical and spiritual books.

Click here for full tour details, including pricing and registration.



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