THE PORTAL ….. 11/11/11

at Lake Titicaca, Chucuito, Peru

Departure : November 6 -12, 2011

With Optional Pre or Post Conference tour to Machu Picchu, Cusco & the Sacred Valley

Pre-Tour October 31 – November 6

Post Tour – November 12 – 18

Every act in this reality has its effect on the whole universe, and, of course, on Mother Earth. With this in mind, we know that if we change our attitude, Mother Earth will also change.

We have had great meetings in the Peruvian Andes, during which the Solar Disc was reactivated. We have also met at Mount Shasta to reconnect the energy line of the Great Diagonal, which follows the Capac-Ñan, or the Road of the Power Beings.

And now we will meet again. We will come together in ceremony, prayer, sound and dance, merging with the flame of the Cosmic Mother, the Divine Mother. We will give thanks to the Father and the Mother, and we will give thanks to life…… The Earth walkers of our present age are experiencing new and different ways of viewing life and of being in this world — the palpable effects of the New Pachacuti and the opening of the Portal, which will culminate on 11/11/11 and 12/21/12.

Sometimes change can be perceived as painful, but how we experience change depends on whether we are coming from the ego or from the Inner Sun. The awakening of our consciousness never stops, but as it grows and becomes stronger, we become more integrated within our bodies, as well as with all the elements and with all the kingdoms of the natural world. And as we do this, we become more grounded in the Inner Sun.

So it is very important to connect with our heart, to be aligned with our Inner Sun, with the Father Sun, and with the Sun behind the Sun. The connection with Mother Earth and the Cosmic Mother are also very important because the manifestation of Pachamama in the sacred Lake Titicaca, calls us in a deeper way to follow our hearts fearlessly. Then we will not be frightened by the heavy energies we sometimes experience. We will have come to understand that we are the special manifestation of Light in this New Dawn. It means we are the Sun’s rays, the dawn’s rays that are bringing a new way of being, a new frequency that can transform the planet—beginning with our own transformation.

On this special journey, we will participate in ceremonies with the elements, the four directions and the three worlds. And, the great ceremony will be held at God’s Doorway—Willka Uta or the Aramu Muru Doorway—and at Lake Titicaca with the Andean Masters, Priests, and Wisdom Keepers. Every participant will become a Guardian of the Frequency of Light.

We will be connected with many groups of Workers of Light in different parts of the World. There will be more than two hundred places where the great Portal will be activated on 11/11/11.

Oh, beloved Cosmic Mother,
we surrender to you in munay, llancay and yachay!

IMPORTANT NOTE: As a convenience, the below BMSJ itinerary INCLUDES your airfares to/from Lima

Your Tour Host & Escort in Peru

Jorge Luis DelgadoJorge Luis Delgado is one of Peru’s most knowledgeable escorts in the field of spiritual Peruvian culture and history. He has trained from an early age with the Kallahuayas Shamans of Lake Titicaca, as well as with the Q’ero Elders of the Cusco region. Jorge speaks fluent English, as well as Quechua and Aymara, the indigenous languages of the Cusco, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca regions.

“11/11/11” CONFERENCE

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Chucuito/Puno: Taypikala Hotel


  • Flights within Peru
  • 6 nights in Chucuito/Puno
  • 6  Breakfasts – 5 Lunches – 6  Dinners
  • Sightseeing as per itinenary
  • Sightseeing entrance fees
  • Transportation within Peru

  • Opening ceremony of the Portal with spiritual leaders and priests
  • Sacred Fire Ceremony
  • Sky Watch Ceremony
  • Ceremony of Water on Reed Boats
  • Morning “Winaymarca
  • Special Wind Ceremony
  • Visit the sacred sites of Aramu Muru’s Doorway
  • Ceremony with Earth
  • Special Ceremonies at the Lake and in Willka Uta
  • Have private meditation time at the sacred sites
  • Participate in a special Shamanic ceremony to connect with healing energies
  • Visit the Uros Floating Island
  • Enjoy a performance of traditional Andean musicians & folklore dancers at your farewell dinner

PLUS Optional Private Ceremonies and Healing Sessions



(B = Breakfast; L = Lunch; D = Dinner)

Day 1, Sunday, November 6: To Lima and Puno/Chucuito (D)

Morning arrival (on your own airline arrangements) in Lima, where you will be assisted in transferring to your INCLUDED connecting flight to Juliaca.  After arrival in Juliaca and getting your luggage, board your coach for the journey through the Peruvian countryside to Puno. Time to relax and get used to the altitude before a group dinner and meeting with some of the spiritual leaders and priests. OR you may arrive from the Pre-Conference Tour to the Sacred Valley & Machu Pichu.Dinner and overnight in Chucuito.

Lake TiticacaDay 2, Monday, November 7: In Chucuito – The Fire Ceremony and Sky Watch (B/L/D)

Morning and breakfast at leisure. After lunch there will be two special events, the Fire Ceremony and Sky Watch. Dinner and overnight in Chucuito.

Day 3, Tuesday, November 8: In Chucuito – Floating Islands. Ceremony of Water on Reed Boats & Ceremony of Wind (B/L/D)

Lake Titicaca Peru Reed BoatsTake time to get up early this morning, draw your curtains and commune with the magnificent sunrise over the Mother Lake. After an early buffet breakfast you board your private bus and travel to the shores of the Lake to board a private launch and motor out onto the tranquil waters of the MamaCocha. Visit the Uros Floating Islands, made of the totora reed that grows in the Lake and named after the Uros people who inhabit them. Here you will receive a warm welcome from these friendly island dwellers and an opportunity to support their meager economy by purchasing their richly colored hand embroidered tapestries and rugs. Afterwards you re-board your launch and motor out onto the Lake for a Ceremony of Water on Reed Boats.  Return to your hotel   In the afternoon, it’s off to Cutimbo for a Ceremony of Wind. Dinner and overnight in Chucuito.

Day 4, Wednesday, November 9: In Chucuito – Aramu Muru Doorway and Ceremony with Earth  (B/L/D)

Aramu Muru's PortalAfter breakfast you drive south along the Pan-American Highway to visit Aramu Muru’s Doorway for the Earth Activation Ceremony. Upon arrival sit in the Inca’s Sun Seat that faces the Lake to connect with its nurturing feminine energies. Then walk along a large rock formation in the shape of a serpent and puma to connect with the energies of the Lower and Middle Worlds. Then through a wonderland of strange natural rock formations, pass by the mysterious Valley of the Spirits and finally trek down to the Doorway. Here you will have a special opportunity for private mediation to connect with the otherworldly energies of this famous power spot. Picnic lunch at the Doorway. In the afternoon the group will meet in Council with the Elders, to be followed by a Ceremony with Earth to connect the powerful ley lines that flow through this area with other ley lines in the body of Mother Earth.  Dinner and overnight in Chucuito.

Day 5, Thursday, November 10: In Chucuito – PREPARATION  (B/L/D)

Morning in preparation for “11/11/11” and  to focus on integration of the energies activated tomorrow. Dinner and overnight in Chucuito.

Day 6, Friday, November 11: In Chucuito – “11/11/11” Ceremonies (B/L/D)

Main Ceremonies at the Lake and in Willka Uta. Both places will provide strong connections. Afternoon is free. In the evening enjoy a Celebration Party and  “Farewell to Peru” Dinner, complete with traditional Andean musicians and dancers. Dinner and overnight in Chucuito.

Day 7, Saturday, November 12: To Juliaca and Lima  (B)

On your last morning at the Mother Lake you have time to Greet the Sun.  Check out of the hotel later  morning and depart to the airport in Juliaca. Board your included flight to Lima, arriving later in the afternoon to connect with your own homeward board flight.

Note: For those not connecting that evening for your USA flight optional overnight accommodations and airport transfers are available. Rates on request.


Please note: This itinerary is subject to change without notice due to circumstances beyond our control. Pre/post nights are available upon request. Also, the prices reflected include the cost of operations and logistics. Travel insurance is highly recommended.  Some inclusions may not be available on indicated dates and dates may have to be adjusted.  Listed local Hosts and guides are subject to availability and will be hosting your itinenary wherever possible. However, due to scheduling, there may be some times when the local Host or guide is not available. If this occurs, BMSJ will provide a comparable and experienced substitute.

Or take an optional 7 day/6 night Extension to Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Pichu.

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Peruvian Air Taxes
$75 payments via check or money order
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