Cosmic Alignment Celebration
with the Mayan Elders in Yucatan

December 17 – 23, 2012

Featuring Izamal, Uxmal and Chichen Itza

PLUS an an addition optional stay
in Playa del Carmen (December 23 – 28)

For the End of 2012 are you looking to…
– Take a Spiritual Adventure?
– Re-connect with your inner shamanic power
and bring your spirit into wholeness
– Travel with Soul Mates to feel safe and experience more?
– Experience the magnificence of your own being and your true nature?
– Celebrate the birth of a new World Vision for 2012-2013?

There are moments in life where we start to question ourselves if all is well! We realize that the years pass by and we are held in a pattern of life that is not really ours. We forgot our dream and our life purpose. This is THE time to come on a Sacred Journey and reconnect your soul, heart, mind and feelings with the “wonders of life itself” and find a new orientation for the future. Mother Earth, the Universe and Life Itself will provide you the answers on a Golden Plate and support you on your spiritual path.

About the Importance of December 21, 2012

The Cosmic Alignment in December 2012,  with our Sun (and Earth) moving into what the Mayan Elders often called the “Uterus of the Galaxy”,  is a mega important moment in time! Many ancient cultures have detailed legends, prophecies, rock drawings and calendars about this moment. The world has been waiting for this moment a long time.

It is moment where change is possible; a moment in which we will get an enormous download of the highest light from this Center Spot of the Galaxy; a moment where we, as conscious human beings can be co-creating with the divine light, guided by profound love and respect. To create a flow of extraordinary power capable to embrace all life, all actions, and all shades… so we can change from inside out and become the real cosmic beings we have always been all these centuries!  Oneness of the Heart is born.

As so much energy is involved in all these celebrations during the end of 2012, we feel that our program will be perfect. It will be guided by Spirit and the Mayan Angel Masters. So please be prepared to find “ever changing programs” for these three days. All is perfect!

Why did the Maya pick this date 2012 of the winter solstice?
On Dec. 21 we will see a special alignment in the skies. Every year we see alignments, but this one is special. The sun will be in the middle of the dark rift and four planets (Mars, Pluto, Mercury and Venus) will line up to what is called the “Tree of Life” that is formed in the sky. Actual Astronomy of 2012 & the Sacred Triple Rebirth of the Sun.

A previous unique galactic alignment occurred in 1998 and was connected to the galactic equator. This December 21 alignment will take place as we are heading for the brightest part of the Milky Way, blocked by lots of dust creating a light/dark pattern in the sky. It is called the Dark Rift. If we could see clearly, we would see the sun moving near the brightest section of the Milky Way, right across the middle of the Dark Rift.

As the Mayan Calendar (long count calendar = 5,125 years) is rotating, December 21, 2012 will (probably) be the first day of the next cycle. It is said that Mayan Elders thought the ancient teachings and wisdom were correct and showed, by picking the year 2012, that they also knew where they were in the processional cycle. It is this complete understanding of the rhythms of nature that allowed the Maya to create their calendar. Drunvalo Melchizedek once said  “Only the Maya and Nasa know exactly where we are in the universe, in Space and Time!”

So from the viewpoint of the Maya, December 21, 2012 is more than just another winter solstice; it is the most important winter solstice of all the winter solstices throughout the entire great year. This therefore makes this day the single most important day in the entire great year! There are over 9.4 million days in the great year and the Maya have picked this day as the day the great year restarts.

As so much energy is involved in all these celebrations during the end of 2012, we feel that our program will be perfect. It will be guided by Spirit and the Mayan Angel Masters. So please be prepared to find “ever changing programs” for these three days. All is perfect!

So let’s look forward to this moment in time, where we will be bathing in
so much light and where every single one on planet Earth
can choose to download and integrate it and remember that we are!


As many recent events make clear, there has never been a more important time to wake up,
get active and get together in large groups!
The great Cosmic Force which assists Mother Earth,
requires the presence of conscious beings to successfully fulfill its role.

Hosted by Carolina Hehenkamp

Carolina is an author, spiritual counselor, trainer and travel guide. After a fashion career she started her spiritual work studying with a Peruvian Shaman 24 years ago, followed by Aura-Soma color Therapy. Since then she has been working ongoing with groups and individuals leading them into the Sacred Space of the Heart, creating a healing space so the manifesting of dreams becomes reality. She is an expert on the “Indigo Phenomenon,” and wrote four books for this new generation and those guiding and educating them. Now she divides her time between leading tour groups to power places in the South Pacific, South America, Hawaii, Mexico, writing and training people to find inner peace, healing and the power to follow their dream. She lived in Rapa Nui/Easter Island for four years and can share powerful indigenous teachings. She believes it is important to gather at ancient power spots, so all our cell memories can be activated, while Mother Earth can feel we love her.


  • 6 nights Accommodations
  • 6 breakfasts
  • 3 Lunches
  • 5 Dinners
  • Round trip transfers
  • Hotel taxes
  • Sightseeing as per itinerary
  • Sightseeing entrance fees

Special Features

  • Hosted  throughout  (except Cancun) with Carolina
  • Visit of the Mayan city of Uxmal
  • Crystal Skull Light Activation Ceremony in Izamal
  •  Visit to the Pyramids of Chichen Itza
  • Optional Mexico Resort holiday in Playa Del Carmen (December 23-28)

Destination Hotels (or similar):

Cancun, Hotel Ambience Suites
Izamal, Hotel Macan Che’
Playa Del Carmen, Hotel  Golodrinas

Registration Form

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Final Payment due on or before October 17
Countdown to Departure:
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Day 1 – December 17: To Cancun (D)

Arrive in Cancun on your own and you will be transferred to your reserved accommodations in Cancun.  Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2 – December 18:  In Cancun (B)

This morning a choice of two activities. You can relax by the pool and beach. Or we have an Optional special event – A Swim with the Dolphins in Paradise at nearby Xel-Há, with dolphinariums designed to reproduce natural conditions, providing you with an opportunity to experience the dolphins in an ocean like habitat. Enjoy touching, seeing, hearing and feeling the wonderful world of the six resident dolphins, as they swim among the group during a prolonged period of time, allowing themselves to be petted freely. Their gift to us is that of unconditional and pure love.  It is in this space of acceptance, that we can truly experience freedom, love, peace, true brotherhood.  What a beautiful way to integrate and assimilate our experience that we have shared over that last few days. Return to the hotel in Cancun for lunch on our own before our evening farewell dinner.  Cost for the Optional Dolphin swim is from $175 to $200 depending on how many take the tour.  Dinner on your own. Overnight Cancun

Day 3- December 19 – To Izamal (B/D)

After breakfast,  morning transfer to Cancun to meet Carolina and the rest of your touring group where you board your coach for Izamal.  Dinner and overnight in Izamal

Day 4 – December 20 – In Izamal (B/L/D)

Breakfast at Hotel Macan Ché. After breakfast the group will follow the Puuc Route to the ancient Maya city of Uxmal. (about a 2 hr. ride). You will celebrate a ceremony to open up and connect with your Moon Chakras and Lunar Body, guided by Star. We will have lunch at the site. The rest of the day is an opportunity to explore this ancient Maya city which was an initiation center for Maya priestesses. It was here that the Maya priestesses studied the secrets of divine conception and tantric union (serpent power and kundalini). This site provides an opportunity to connect with our Divine Female aspect. Return to our hotel for dinner.

Day 5 – December 21 – In Izamal – To Yucatan (B/L/D)

Breakfast. Crystal Skull Light Activation Ceremonies at local pyramids at intervals throughout the day to awaken and reconnect the circuitries of the ancient, great ceremonial center of Izamal, possibly the oldest Mayan city in the Yucatan. We will break for lunch, then continue with our sacred Lightwork which will culminate with the 12-21-12 Ceremony on top of Kinich Kakmo at 11:11 pm to celebrate the Winter Solstice end date of a 26,000 year cycle of time on the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of a new cycle. Dinner at the hotel before the ceremony.

Day 6 – December 22 – In Izamal – To Chichen Itza Pyramids (B/D)

Breakfast at Hotel Macan ché. After breakfast the group will be transported to the sacred temples of Chichen Itza, the site of the sacred masculine. Perhaps the most famous of all the Maya archaeological sites, Chichen Itza was recently named one of the New Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. From 900 to 1300 AD this was the central city of the Itza, the most powerful Maya group in the Yucatan during the Late Classic period. You will explore this important Mayan city with an English-speaking guide who will explain the sacred significance of the major temples – Kukulcan, the Observatory, the Temple of the High Priest and others. A short guided meditation will be held by the Cenote Xtoloc to awaken our Solar Chakras and Solar Body. You will then be transported to the Maya town of Yokdzotnot to experience a wonderful open cenote. In Maya cosmology, cenotes are very sacred gates to Xibalba, the Maya underworld. Upon arrival you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch (price not included) at the cenote restaurant run by a collective of Maya women. There will be time to swim and we will perform a cleansing ceremony to honor the powers of Xibalba, the Mayan Underworld.. We will then return to Hotel Macan ché to enjoy a wonderful dinner to end the day.

Day 7 – December 23 – Tour Ends. Optional Holiday to Playa del Carman (B)

For those ending the tour: Your tour ends after breakfast and we will be transferring those who have flights from Cancun at 12 noon or later. For those with earlier flights, may make your own arrangements to get to the airport.

For those continuing to Playa del Carmen: Transfer to your resort hotel in Playa del Carmen.

Days 8 – 11 – December 24-27 – In Playa del Carmen

During our stay we will have some group activities such as a ceremony with Crystal Skulls, go swimming in deep large caves and enjoy the wonderful restaurants of Playa!

Day 12 – December 28 – To Cancun – Program Ends (B)

Program ends after breakfast.

Please note: This itinerary is subject to change without notice due to circumstances beyond our control. Pre/post nights are available upon request. Travel insurance is highly recommended. Some inclusions may not be available on indicated dates and dates may have to be adjusted. Listed local Hosts and guides are subject to availability and will be hosting your itinerary wherever possible. However, due to scheduling, there may be some times when the local Host or guide is not available. If this occurs, BMSJ will provide a comparable and experienced substitute.

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MEXICO ONLY Tour (December 17-23) – Land Only Costs Per Person, double occupancy:
$1,479 payments via check or money order
payments via credit card

MEXICO Resort Option (December 23-28)– Land Only Costs Per Person, double occupancy:
$895 payments via check or money order
payments via credit card

Single Room Supplement:
On request

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NOTE: The Single Room Supplements applies for those who would like to secure a private room is applicable ONLY on the Playa Del Carmen extension.

ROOMMATES: We will be happy to try to find a suitable roommate for those who are traveling alone and would like to share a room. Per our Terms and Conditions, registration for the tour will be held open until four weeks before the departure date in order to try to match everyone with a roommate. If, by that date, we have not been able to match you with a suitable roommate, you will be responsible to pay for the single supplement. An early registration will facilitate this process.

PLEASE NOTE:  The above price for the tour is based on a minimum of 10 participants. If any of the tours fall below these minimums, they are subject to a shortfall surcharge which would range from $100 to $250 depending  on the final number of travelers (see Terms & Conditions). All airline tickets are subject to each carrier’s Terms & Conditions as to passage and cancellation fees. Tours are sold in conjunction with these approved carriers.

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