Enchanted Ireland, Land of the Faery Faith, July 11 - 20, 2018
Ireland spiritual tourTour operated in cooperation with Gothic Image Tours

Come join us on an enchanted adventure to the Emerald Isle! Ireland is a land of unfading beauty that takes your breath away – a land with an astonishing array of ancient sacred sites each with a story to tell. Its friendly people and rich culture are known throughout the world.

More than any other country in Europe, Ireland has retained its mythological heritage which lives today in the oral tradition of folk tales myths and legends, in literature, in place names and language, in festivals, ceremonies and monuments. Here, a sense of the Otherworld is palpable. We explore all this and more.

We also explore and discover Ireland’s extraordinary heritage by way of pilgrimage to some of the most evocative sites in the world. From stone circles to holy wells, from faerie forts to ogham stones, ancient crosses to beehive huts, sacred lakes to round towers, passage cairns to Celtic shrines. In Ireland’s famous pubs, we are entertained by local musicians and poets of the Irish tradition. This is truly a journey of the soul towards spiritual refreshment and renewal.

Highlights of this fully-escorted tour include:


Spiritual Ireland Tour

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  • Kildare – St Brigid’s Holy Well and St Brigid’s Cathedral
  • Rock of Cashel
  • Lake of Lough Gur
  • Druid ceremony at Grange Lois, the largest stone circle in Ireland
  • Skellig Michael with its World Heritage listed 11th century monastery and beehive huts (weather permitting)
  • Ring of Kerry and Dingle
  • Newgrange, Knowth, Douth and the Hill of Tara

Join us for a once in a lifetime experience in Ireland, a country rich in folklore, fairytales, myths and legends – a land with a magic all of its own.

Your Hosts On The Tour

Jamie George
Director of Gothic Image Tours, Jamie has been taking spiritual pilgrims on tours for over 30 years. “It’s been an honour to journey with so many interesting and inspiring people, helping them tune in to the history, mystery and magic of ancient sacred places, where every site has a story to tell. I imagine myself coming there for the first time, and if you put yourself in that position, all kinds of things can open up. For me, it’s a dance between memory and revelation. Some of the most memorable times are those when we’re just having fun. You find yourself laughing and joking because you’re opening up, you’re becoming much more at one with yourself and the land. I’ve had the pleasure of organising this journey many times over the years and look forward to warmly welcoming you to this magical land.”

Jack Roberts
An independent researcher, publisher and author of Sheela-Na-Gigs of Ireland and Britain: The Divine Hag of the Christian Celts and The Sun Circles of Ireland, Jack joins the tour as expert guide. His wealth of knowledge and lively mind bring the ancient sites of this megalithic wonderland to life.
“More than three decades of research in many areas of Ireland have resulted in a wide knowledge of the archaeological and historical heritage of the whole of Ireland and have led to a number of publications dealing with some of the more important and often less well understood aspects of Irish history and archaeology,” says Jack.

Linda Marson
A professional Tarot reader, teacher and founder of Global Spiritual Studies, Linda likens the Tarot to a GPS, one that helps you navigate your way through life.
On the tour, she facilitates a process for exploring the link between our inner and outer journeys and for tuning into the messages sacred sites and landscapes have for us. She believes readings we do on the tour will shine a light on what sustains us spiritually and how we connect with it.
Linda, a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, will assist with the Druid ceremony at Grange Lois.


DAY ONE: Wednesday, July 11 – Dublin to Cashel
We rendezvous at 11 am at Dublin Airport Terminal 2 Arrivals – adjacent to the SPAR Shop where there is a seating area. We travel by coach to Kildare, where we visit the charming St Brigid’s Holy Well and gardens and the 13th C St Brigid’s Cathedral, the site of a 5th C nunnery founded by St Brigid and her followers. After her death, a perpetual fire was kept to honour her memory. From Kildare we travel to Cashel. Overnight: Cashel.

DAY TWO: Thursday, July 12 – Cashel to Lough Gur
Today we visit the spectacular Rock of Cashel, the power centre of southern Ireland. This massive and imposing outcrop of limestone rises to 200 feet with commanding views across fertile plains. In the 9th C, the legendary hero Brian Boru over- came it and became the King  of  Munster.  Here we see the ancient stone cross of St Patrick and St Cormac’s Chapel. Onwards via Tipperary to the sacred and delightful lake of Lough Gur with its nearby neolithic and bronze monuments. Legend has it that the lake was formed by the goddess Aine, who appears in different forms as mermaid, young woman and hag. Here we spend time at the excellent visitors cen- tre and megalithic sites. Overnight near Lough Gur.

DAY THREE: Friday, July 13 – Grange and Tipperary
Today we visit Ireland’s largest stone circle of Lois at Grange near Lough Gur. This exquisite circle dates to around 2000 BC. It’s entrance aligns to the setting sun at the Celtic festivals of Lammas and Beltane. Here, at this remarkable ring, we hold a ceremony to honour our ancestors. Free time in the afternoon in Tipperary. Overnight near Lough Gur.

DAY FOUR: Saturday, July 14 – Kilgarvan and Kenmare
We travel to Kilgarvan where lies the impressive recumbent stone circle of Gurteen overlooking the Slaheny valley. From there we travel on to the market town of Kenmare and visit its atmospheric stone circle with a huge seven ton boulder burial stone. Time for lunch and shopping. Onwards via Sneem to the quiet coastal village of Waterville. Overnight: Waterville.

DAY FIVE: Sunday, July 15 – Skellig Michael
Today, weather permitting, we sail to the awe inspiring and otherworldy island of Skellig Michael. This lonely rock was where early Christian hermits found refuge and sat in contemplation at the edge of the known world. We climb the rock to find the extraordinary bee-hive huts and chapel studded with quartz crystal and are overwhelmed by the breathtaking views across the Atlantic ocean and the wonder of this hallowed place. Picnic lunch. Overnight: Waterville.

DAY SIX: Monday, July 16 – Ring of Kerry
We continue along the Ring of Kerry via Kilorglin – along the edge of Dingle bay to the delightful town of Dingle. Afternoon free to explore the town and its many interesting shops. Overnight: Dingle.

DAY SEVEN: Tuesday, July 17 – Dingle area
A place of unfading beauty, Dingle has a cornucopia of sacred sites including the remarkable and beautifully constructed 8th C Gallarus Oratory. We also visit the site of 7th C Kilmalkedar Monastery with its ogham and sundial stones and the ruins of St Brendan’s Oratory with the nearby enigmatic Keeler stones. In the evening, we have the opportunity to enjoy some of the famous traditional Irish music. Overnight: Dingle.

DAY EIGHT: Wednesday, July 18 – Hill of Tara
Today we travel to Drogheda to the north of Dublin via Tralee and Limerick. En route we visit the Hill of Tara, the womb of Mother Ireland and the traditional burial place of Tea, ancestor queen and goddess of the Celts. We visit her 3000BC tomb which is aligned to the rising sun at the Celtic fire festivals of Samhain and Imbolc. Tara is the site where the sacred marriage took take place between the new king and the goddess who held power over the fertility of the land. With this union the people would enjoy prosperity and plenty. We also visit two delightful holy wells known for their healing power. Overnight: Drogheda.

DAY NINE: Thursday, July 19 – Newgrange and Knowth
As our journey begins to come to a close, our day is spent exploring the Boyne Valley where lie the most revered and eminent of all the sacred sites in Ireland – Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth. These sites represent the flowering of the megalithic age and reveal to us astonishing examples of some of the finest megalithic art in the world. Newgrange was the abode of Aengus og and Daghdha gods of the faerie race of the Tuatha de Danann. Here a beam of light of the rising sun penetrates the mound on the shortest day of the year at the winter solstice illuminating the wondrous art in the back chamber. At Knowth, the largest of the monuments, the sun sends its light through the passageway at the spring and autumn Equinoxes. At Dowth, the sun sends its rays at sunset on the winter solstice. Overnight: Drogheda.

DAY TEN: Friday, July 20 –  To Dublin airport
We travel to Dublin Airport for international flights and transfers arriving 9.30am for flight departures from NOON onwards.

If you have time, consider spending a day or so in the lively city of Dublin either before or after the tour. Highlights of the city include Trinity College, with its magnificent Book of Kells, and the National Museum, repository of many stunning treasures of Ireland’s past, such as the beautiful golden torques of the Celtic period and the Ardagh Chalice.

What to expect on the tour

Ireland TourWe always spend a good amount of time at each site so that you benefit fully from the ambience and subtle magic of the experience. Ours are not ‘now you see it – now you don’t’ tours. Our focus is on experiencing the ‘spirit of place’ and the peculiar enchantment that each site offers, and learning something from it.

We visit inspiring locations where the ancient spirits of each place still reside. In addition, some of you will be returning to the homes of your ancestors. This can raise spiritual and emotional issues. On our tours we seek to build a supportive atmosphere, and your fellow travellers tend to be of a supportive and understanding disposition. At different sites that we visit, you will be given opportunity for reflection and peace. This inner dimension is what makes our tours especially memorable – a pilgrimage and nourishment for the soul.

The pace is not rushed. There are some areas where we climb steps or hills, but otherwise each site is easily accessible and within walking distance from the coach. Nevertheless, you will get some physical exercise!

We reserve the right to vary the itinerary as necessary, to provide the best possible experience under the circumstances prevailing at the time.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for this tour.

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