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A Heart Opening Sacred Journey During the Spring Equinox with Andean Medicine Man, Healer and Wisdom Keeper,
Puma Quispe Singona

September 16 – 24, 2012

With an extension to Lake Titicaca, The Heart of Mama Cocha September 24 – 28, 2012

Tour Leader: Puma Quispe Singona – Speaking to thousands of people globally and inspiring them in his special heartfelt way, Puma Quispe Singona is described as “magical, compassionate and wise beyond his years” with a deep reverence for Pachamama (Earth Mother) and an ancient understanding of the Cosmos. Puma’s gift lies in the ability to open people’s hearts firstly to themselves, then to their family and ultimately to their global community. Trained by his Grandfather since the age of 6, Puma has been walking the path of a traditional Andean Medicine Man and is recognized as a holder of ancient wisdom.


Peru spiritual tourJoin us in a heart-opening journey to celebrate the Spring Equinox at Machu Picchu with Andean Medicine Man, Healer and Wisdom Keeper, Puma Quispe Singona. Explore the mysteries of the majestic Andes and find enlightenment and inspiration in this warm and harmonic land. Stroll around the colourful town of Cusco, wander through the lush Sacred Valley of the Incas and travel back through time while rediscovering ancient Incan sites in Ollantaytambo and Pisac.

sacred sites PeruAs we seek out various temples and sacred sites, and experience and participate in Sacred Ceremonies and Traditional Rituals led by Medicine Men and Wisdom keepers, we will be deeply immersed in the enigmatic culture of the Incas. Connect with Pachamama (Mother Earth), the Incan goddess of fertility and the harvest, and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for this great Earth. Open your heart as you listen to the whispers in the wind and let the Condors guide you to find your inner peace and balance

Enjoy a unique opportunity as we immerse ourselves in the local community and experience the joy and peace of the Peruvian culture and people. Let their smiles and laughter inspire you to show kindness to all who you encounter and remind you to share joy with yourself and the world.

Our Optional Excursion to Lake Titicaca is an opportunity not to be missed. Explore the tranquil waters of Lake Titicaca and the Uros Floating Islands. These islands, made of Tortora reeds, are home to the Uros people who, according to legend, existed before the sun when the earth was cold and dark. The islands attract visitors from all over and offer an opportunity to learn about ancient practices and traditions and a chance to admire the simple way of life of the people.

On behalf of our journey participants, $50 per person will be donated to Ayni Ayllu Weaving Cooperative, a local foundation close to Puma’s heart as well as our own. This wonderful initiative is run by  Puma’s family, specifically his mother who has been a constant support in the renewal of wisdom and strength in the local community of Chinchero.  The purpose of the initiative is to preserve the ancient Andean traditions of weaving arts, while inspiring women and children to manifest their inner light through the practise of weaving.  Workshops are offered to teach and renew the ancient ancestral Incan wisdom and spirituality so that the traditions can be carried forth with the new generations.  Workshops on family and childcare are also offered to help impoverished families so that they may receive the tools necessary to create a safe space for women and children, while teaching them important skills to help them find more opportunities for work and self sustainment. The initiative also focuses on education and offers classes such as English, Science and Mathematics for orphaned and underprivileged children, who would otherwise not have the chance to go to school, while encouraging them to strive and learn and believe in themselves. We welcome other donations to help strengthen and grow this inspiring program.

Comments from past travelers

I had a fabulous time in Peru. The group was interesting with a great variety of people with same interest in the Spiritual. We all got along quite well. Puma our guide was great, such good mastery of the English language, a very good sense of humor, a great knowledge of the history and the Spirituality of his country. He took very good care of us. It was a bonus that he should be a shaman as well. He shared his knowledge very freely and we felt very safe on all levels. I loved the ceremony with his friend shaman in his village. The pacing of visits was smooth and not too taxing on our energy. The fact that we had our private bus was really a bonus, it made moving around much easier and comfortable. It was a great experience. Thank you.
– Muriel Wattinne, Queensland, Australia (Peru – Heart of the Pachamama – Sep/11)


The trip to Peru left an imprint on my soul . I returned a different person. My experience in Peru was like visiting another dimension. That experience of another dimension was given life by the sacredness of the areas we visited. Our guide – just being in his presence was a sacred gift, his energy was like a ray of sunshine, and within him he carried a wealth of wisdom well delivered. Our group – it was a family reunion, we truly were family. Though, physically far apart we will always be family, after our experience together in Peru. It was really hard returning to the world, we call our reality. Whenever I feel like I am loosing my balance in this reality, in my mind, I return to my Peru experience, that place of wholeness and balance. Just last night I had a dream that included my Peru family. In the dream, we were tracking through a forested area, when we decided that we were hungry. At the end of the forest was an Old Country Buffet, which is a generic buffet in the US, but when we entered, it was an elegant place with the finest of food. The table was already set for the ten of us. The experience in Peru was not just a trip; it was a journey of the soul and a pilgrimage that enlightened the spirit.
– Gloria Gates, Everett, WA (Heart of the Pachamama – Sep/09)


I have traveled to Rome and thought it was the best trip of my life. However, after going to Peru my feelings are way over and above the Rome trip. I have noticed the change within me. I have gained so much knowledge about Mother Nature and the ancient Inca people. Today is the best day of my life past and present – a quote from Puma who stated this to us every morning. Again, I will never forget what a journey this was. I recommend this journey to everyone. My spiritual journey was something I will never forget and always remember. So rich in spirit and nature that you will feel different. Today I have tears in my eyes as I think of the journey in my life and I am forever grateful. Puma was excellent in wisdom and sprit. He is a very old soul.
– Daisy Rubio, Lakewood, NJ (Heart of the Pachamama – Sep/09)


The ceremonies by Puma were very heart-centered and positive. The visit to the ancient Aramu Muru doorway is not to be missed if you have a chance to go to Lake Titicaca. This is an ancient real Stargate with many stories and myths surrounding it. You may get some insights after meditating there. Who knows? Maybe you’ll disappear into another dimension…
– Tanoyo Tanoko, Vancouver, BC (Heart of the Pachamama – Sep/08)