Lake Titicaca Tour Group

Are you an author, teacher, religious leader, speaker, broadcaster, blogger or expert in any aspect of the spiritual, holistic, metaphysical, or alternative health and wellness field? Would you like to gather a group of your followers, clients or students to travel with you on an exclusive domestic or overseas tour?

 BMSJ can arrange that opportunity for you and assist with every detail.

Dalai LamaWith over 25 years as innovators in the field of sacred and wellness travel, we lead the industry in working with leaders who can bring a group of people together for a common cause and/or travel experience. The only question is, where would you like to go? Many tour hosts with large followings actually earn revenue with their travel programs. Others, hosting the occasional tour, are able to travel free or at a discounted rate, simply by inviting their friends and contacts to travel with them. Whether your group is large or small, BMSJ is happy to walk you through the process and assist you with every step of the way.

 Here’s how we do it so everyone wins!

Unlike other travel companies that promote Free Hosted Trips,
Body Mind Spirit Journeys is a Wholesale Tour Operator, not simply a travel agency

1. By working directly with hosts and tour leaders, we are able to pass along the savings from normal marketing expenses and agency commissions to you and your guests. This allows you to act as our agents, and earn your free trips from the money that would otherwise be paid to the retail agent – so no-one is up-charged in your group in order to cover your free trip(s) and expenses.

2. Your itinerary is custom designed for you and exclusive for you and your guests. You’ll not be placed into a group of strangers. You can participate as much or as little as you want during the tour… you have earned your free trip during the time you promoted it. Once you depart, those who joined you are your guests, and you are there as our guest and partner. Click here to see some sample group tour itineraries.

3. You will be amazed by how many people will want to travel with their spiritual leader and friends of like mind and consciousness. There is simply no other way to share this type of camaraderie, and everyone’s life will be enlightened by the experience.

Experience is the most valuable possession you can gift yourself with.
It can’t be lost or taken away… it is always with you,
and the more you share it, the richer it becomes.

 Here is how we can work together…

* Contact us with your ideas and plans.
We’ll help you turn those ideas into a tour program or event.
* Tell us where you’d like to go and when.
We’ll assist you in building an itinerary that brings those details together into a workable plan.
We’ll do our best to adjust your itinerary so that together we can make this the perfect program for you and your guests.
* Determine how many people you can reach and invite to share this experience with you.
We’ll help identify the best ways to reach them, via flyers, brochures, advertising, etc. (With 25 years of experience, we know how best to do this successfully — and realistically.) Your marketing plan should originate no less than six months from the date you plan to depart so you have time to generate as much interest as possible among your potential guests.
* Promoting this will be an ongoing marketing project.
We’ll help you set up a monitoring system that tracks your leads, and weekly we will speak with you to share marketing ideas that have worked successfully with these hosted programs throughout the years. We know how to do this, and you will become an expert as well.

For more information on hosting your own group on a custom designed program just for you, or bringing friends and family along on one of our standard Body Mind Spirit Journeys, please click below to contact our Marketing department and let’s get started.