RMC Travel, BMSJ’s Parent Company

Body Mind Spirit Journeys is a division of RMC Travel, formerly known as The Cortell Group, one of the travel industry’s most innovative companies. As a division of RMC Travel, Body Mind Spirit Journeys reflects the company’s innovative spirit, dynamism, and integrity. RMC Travel also organizes Voluntourism programs that combine world travel with giving back to the community.

Raymond Cortell, President

Under the leadership of its former Chairman and travel industry leader, Jules Cortell, and the company’s President, Raymond Cortell, the Cortell Group developed and launched such travel concepts as the European Fly/Drive Holiday and London Theater Holidays. It also pioneered trekking programs for students, gay travel and many other types of programs that are a part of today’s travel world. The Cortell Group’s innovation and creativity also led to their early use of the internet as a travel marketing and sales tool.

Robert Scheer, Communication Director

Robert Scheer, Communication Director, has a B.A. in Communication Arts from Michigan State University. After 25 years as a writer, producer and marketing consultant in the broadcast industry, Robert started the sacred places travel magazine Power Trips in 1997 and soon became affiliated with the spiritual travel company Mystical Journeys. When Power Trips ceased publication in 1999, Robert became editor of New Age Info, New Age Journal and New Age Travel. A  travel writer specializing in pilgrimages and spiritual travel, Robert’s articles are published in dozens of magazines and newspapers across the USA and Canada. He is a former director of the British Columbia Association of Travel Writers and a past president of the B.C. chapter of the Travel Media Association of Canada. Robert writes the BMSJ blog and manages the Facebook page.