What some of our customers have to say about
their spiritual travel experiences with us…


I especially appreciate being able to have the private meditation in Stonehenge! Body Mind Spirit Journeys took care of all the details in a professional and extremely capable manner, so that we could just enjoy and soak up the energies.
E. Matheson, Warwick, RI

Everything on the Sacred Journey to England flowed very well! This trip was way beyond what I expected; it was life-changing for me. The energy we felt at Stonehenge, Avebury,  Glastonbury and the other sacred sites was awesome!
W. Brown – Sedona, AZ

England Glastonbury Tor

What we enjoyed most on our Sacred Journey to England was Stonehenge. How many people these days actually get to go into the circle? We also enjoyed Winchester Cathedral. It’s a beautiful old cathedral. We thought Busty Taylor was great; he definitely imparted the local flavor of the English and of the various places we visited. Glastonbury Tor was wonderful; the view is incredible. The Chalice Well and cathedral ruins were fascinating
N. Dreyfus, Writer – NJ

Our Guide was great!  I made a good connection with others in the group!
V. Graham – Prince Frederick, MD

I love traveling with BMSJ. They take care of me so well! Everything is so well organized. And we have time for our meditations and ceremonies at the sacred sites. This is the most important part of the trip for me, so I really appreciate that! Stonehenge was fantastic! I had more past life memories than I could process!
D. Balch – Yorba Linda, CA

We enjoyed our trip to England and Scotland. Thank you BMSJ for the great job you did in putting this journey of a lifetime together! We were amazed at how smoothly things went. You and your group did a fantastic job!
B.  and S. Barkstelle – Van Nuys, CA

This was my 2nd trip with Body Mind Spirit Journeys. You operated a first class journey again! Everything was well organized and take care of! I’ll be back on another of your trips soon!
W. Jew – Spring City, PA

The trip to England and Scotland with Body Mind Spirit Journeys was the experience of a lifetime for me. It brought me home to my roots. BMSJ took great care of the group and presented us with  many opportunities for spiritual transformation. Thank you so much!
L. Welker – Sedona, AZ

Women’s Sacred Travel

I highly recommend the Sacred Journey to Ireland for Women to one and all Sisters! It was a trip I will always remember! Our Guide was so special and delightful to be with. Walking in the woods and the seaweed baths were as much of a highlight for me as visiting the sacred sites. Good food too!
D. Balch – Yorba Linda, CA

women's travel seaweed bath

Thanks for making it possible to meditation in a private ceremony at Stonehenge. I’m sure that most people never get to do this, so I feel very fortunate indeed. AND for the guide we had in Glastonbury; she is the best…so knowledgeable and loving.
D. Randleton – Springfield, MO

Our ceremony on Glastonbury Tor was the highlight of the trip for me! The veils truly are thin, as you said. My meditation has helped me to make some major changes in life where I had been stuck for a long time. AND, the hotel there was perfect…a good mix of medieval and modern!
W. Beeton – Idaho Falls, MT

What an all around perfect journey! A truly loving and caring group of women, to some of the most sacred sites on earth, staying in excellent accommodations and traveling with guides who were the most knowledgeable.
B. Williston – Phoenix, AZ

Our local escort in Glastonbury, Koko, was a gem! What a lovely person. She went out of her way to be helpful to each and every member of our group. And, the ceremonies that she led us in at the sacred sites, especially in Glastonbury…they MADE the trip for me!
V. Alston – Los Angeles, CA

Our Guide’s expertise about the Goddess Tradition and her attention to the details of the trip and the details of all the women on it at the same time made the trip for me. I will recommend your company to anyone at any time.
D. Littlejohn – Knoxville, TN

I truly enjoyed traveling with the group of women on this tour. Each one brought so much to the experience. And, the spiritual work that we did was life-changing for each of us. As well as that seaweed bath!
P. Nancy – Lexington, KY


We had the time of our life in Peru on our Body Mind Spirit Journeys trip! We had a wonderfully relaxed tour. Interestingly enough, our group, though we drew together from various locations across the U.S., many of us had not met before the tour, we moved through the journey much more like a small, supportive and loving family than a large group of 28. We experienced an amazing grace at every turning that seemed to envelop us in an arc of gratitude, enhancing the heart of every moment! We dearly loved our gracious and immensely informed Peruvian spiritual tour guide who worked hand-in-hand and heart-with-heart to bring the richness of Peru’s culture alive for us. We each gained immeasurably from his knowledge and his heartfelt sharing of ancient traditions. Many thanks and lots of love to BMSJ for making this journey a wondrous one!
Rev. D. Scribner Clevenger – Roanoke, VA

I went with Body Mind Spirit Journeys on a pilgrimage to Peru that changed my life forever.  I was 43 years old and was going on the pilgrimage with my sister to honor her 45th birthday.  Little did I know that I would be the one to receive so much from this trip. All my life I had struggled to find the romantic relationship that would last a lifetime and each time I thought I had it, something happened that would cause my dream to slip through my fingers….again. Within one  month of returning from Peru, I met a man on a camping trip that I knew instantly was my soul  mate.  Within a year we were married and are now looking at celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary. Thank you BMSJ, for being a part of the “opening” that I experienced in Machu Picchu that allowed this wonderful man to enter my life.
Kathy Scharmer – San Jose, CA

Sacsayhuaman group tour Peru

The Sacred Journey to Peru was above and beyond what I expected. I came on this trip with the expectation of spiritual growth. I had no idea how my life would be changed by the profound beauty, history & energy of this place! The accommodations and the people associated with the tour were all wonderful.
J. Noto – Seattle, WA

The shamanic pilgrimage to Peru with Body Mind Spirit Journeys in was a success from all points of view. The sites we visited, the rites we participated in, and the results were extraordinary and personally tremendously meaningful.
H. Senn – Claremont, CA

My experience in Peru with Body Mind Spirit Journeys was one of the most transformational experiences of my life! I could feel a connection with the ancient Andean Masters and their powerful energies in my very cellular memory. BMSJ’s journey helped set the stage for my heart-opening experience that helped me to connect during the tour with the wonderful woman that today is my wife!
James Kumle, Sales – Las Vegas, NV

I admired BMSJ’s ability to make things work so well during our Peru journey. Anyone who attempts to accommodate the needs of 28 people, for two weeks, in a third-world country has to be talented, patient, and extremely well-prepared.
D. Cook, Columbus, OH

There were many transformative experiences on the pilgrimage to Peru with Body Mind Spirit Journeys! Thank you for all the beautiful ceremony and healing energy.  I hold many beautiful memories in my heart.
L. Dancing.-Light – Denver, CO

Machu Picchu Group Travel

How do I condense such life-enhancing transformation as the journey to Peru with Body Mind Spirit Journeys into a few sentences? I was led to wonderful experiences and cared for and supported at all times. I had the good fortune to encounter a shaman who helped me open my heart to myself. As a natural consequence, I have opened my heart to others.  My friends and business acquaintances have commented on my “aura” of peacefulness and joy. I am so happy that I overcame my fear of spending the money for these journeys because my experiences in Peru are priceless. I encourage everyone who is looking to deepen their spiritual connection to themselves, to the earth and /or to other people, to sign up for a Sacred Journey with Body Mind Spirit Journeys!
P. Caldwell – Chicago, IL

The Sacred Journey to Peru with Body Mind Spirit Journeys was definitely a “life-changer”, just as they told me it would be. Our Guide was the key to that. I will definitely recommend BMSJ to anyone who wants to travel to Peru.
W. Draper – Loomis, CA

The Sacred Journey to Peru with Body Mind Spirit Journeys was an amazing trip! Everyone and everything I experienced was very heart touching. Thank you for the journey!
B. Decker – Ft. Meyers, FL

The journey to Peru was the best experience of my life. I especially recommend traveling with Body Mind Spirit Journeys, as they provide love, caring, and service above and beyond the call of duty.
B. Busch – Portland, OR

Our pilgrimage to Peru was an incredible trip! Thanks for making my lifelong dream to visit Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca a reality. AND for your guides…they were so knowledgeable and helpful. The traditional Andean ceremonies we did helped me to connect to Mother Earth in ways that I didn’t know I ever could.
N. Rawlins – Saginaw, MI


The Ireland Sacred Journey was the best one I’ve been on yet! Our guides was amazing, with story-telling abilities and a spirit I’ve not experienced with any other guide. Because our group was small, we were able to meet and mingle more with the Irish people. I came home entranced by the beauty of the people and the country.
J. Gamble – Plymouth, MN

Ireland Sacred Places Travel

Complete magic is what this tour is all about! You are immersed in the energy of the Emerald Isle, filled with its mysticism and palpable spirituality.
N. Maisel, Carlsbad, CA

Ireland ’s sacred sites are a very transformative healing balm. My personal highlights of this special trip were interactions with the nature spirits that are still working with Ireland ’s energies today.
JB Lufty – East Orland, ME


The Sacred Journeys trip to Egypt in November 2007 went well beyond anything that I ever expected! Stephen was so informative and helpful, I learned a lot from him. The meditations were very powerful and transformative for me. And I enjoyed the opportunity to meet and learn from all the other people on the tour. I especially liked the sharing circle, and also just chatting on the deck of the river boat. I would have liked to have had more sharing circles to see what other people’s experiences were at some of the sites. The closing ceremony in the Great Pyramid was the most profound experience on the trip for me. I could really feel the energy from the sound vibrations.
T. Swiatek – White Rock BC Canada

I had a totally awesome time from start to finish on the BMSJ March 2007 Sacred Journey to Egypt. I could’ve stayed for another month or more! Our Speaker Stephen’s energy and excitement was contagious, which made the journey more enjoyable and enlightening for everyone. Our Egyptologist/Guide Vivian was delightful and informative and very accessible to our constant questioning. Our group coordinator Ashraf was charming and fun and maintained an amazing energy level to keep all 36 of us informed and on track.
P. Lehman – Albuquerque, NM

I have been deeply blessed by being able to travel in Egypt and I thank you for facilitating such a wonderful opportunity to make the connections that I did. The trip worked well for me and I loved the meditations in the temples. To go right into the sanctuary at Dendera, sit down and meditate and attune to the singing bowls and frequencies there was just magical. I felt a deep resonance with Hathor and with the ancient healing work there and knew I had been active there before. The energy connected with my whole body and woke me up and made me realize I am a healer and can move into starting a private practice. Philae was a beautiful, sacred feminine connection and Isis connected with me very strongly there. And being in the Great Pyramid astounded me; the energy I connected with was pure love, a heart centered resonant love. Also, there was all the power of God. I had the opportunity to briefly lie in the sarcophagus and I felt totally aligned with the Christ energy and the universe. There was so much powerful energy in there.
D. Kauler – Melbourne, Australia

I was delighted to travel with Body Mind Spirit Journeys again to Egypt in March 2007. The trip was filled with so many magic moments: blessings from Hakim, Nubian musicians serenading us on the boat as we docked at the Island of Biga; the excitement of returning to Dendera and Philae; and exploring Abusir and Abu Ghurob for the first time. The highlight for me was playing my Tibetan bowl and toning my “Love Song to the Universe” in the Red Pyramid and Great Pyramid. Thank you BMSJ for organizing this sacred pilgrimage, and “Thank You” to all my fellow travelers that I connected with on this journey.
N. Smith – Agassiz, BC, Canada

Body Mind Spirit Journeys November 2006 Egypt journey surpassed my wildest imagination in terms of cultural, historical and esoteric insights and experiences. The BMSJ personnel, as well as the featured speakers, adhered to a level of professionalism and service mindedness hard do find anywhere. Together with an ability to create an atmosphere of joy and intrapersonal tightness that has convinced me that this was only just a great first time for me to travel with them, I will be back for many more helpings.
M. Eklund – Stockholm, Sweden

This Sacred Journey to Egypt focuses on the truth of ancient Egypt and its historical and spiritual unity. You will find this information and this experience in no other tour. Stephen Mehler presents not only current alternative archaeological evidence but also presents the indigenous wisdom of many thousands of years of Egyptian oral tradition as taught to him by Hakim.
W. Brainerd – West Hills, CA

During our November 2006 Sacred Journey to Egypt with Body Mind Spirit Journeys we received access throughout our journey to temples, private chambers, and other areas usually off-limits to tourists. I felt our group was considered “VIPs”. Our Egyptologist Guide and Tour Director extended themselves far beyond what was customary. They seemed to open to our interests and yearnings; they expressed appreciation for those of us involved in energy healings, as well as the ideas of our Speaker Stephen Mehler. Having Stephen accompany us, providing on-going parallel explanations and lectures throughout our visits to each site, was more valuable than can be measured in dollars and cents and minutes and hours. His comprehensive explanations, along with his familiarity with each of the sites and wisdom keepers at them, gained us accessibility to places beyond what is normally permitted.
C. Lattavo – Temecula, CA

I had a magical experience while traveling in Egypt with Body Mind Spirit Journeys. I felt that the group was carried and held by Spirit. I so enjoyed the spiritual aspects of the trip spent in ceremony and ritual. The personal attention provided by both the local and BMSJ staff was gratefully appreciated. I am looking forward to my return adventure to the magical land of Egypt!
L. Rice-Caudill – Lafayette, CO

The Sacred Journey to Egypt with Body Mind Spirit Journeys was amazing. I enjoyed every minute of the pilgrimage, interacting with my fellow passengers and our guide, speaker, ceremonialist and tour director. The group was small enough to feel like a new large family! A highlight for me was toning in the Great Pyramid. All in all, I loved it so much I am going back on the next Sacred Journey!
N. Smith – Agassiz, BC Canada

What a wonderful trip! I personally reconnected with what could be a past life in Egypt. So many great memories – so emotional, and at the same time enchanting. I am still processing energies. My goal is to return to Egypt someday again. Thank you Stephen!
C. Santana – Miramar, FL

Egypt tour Sphinx

I went into this trip doubtful of what the spiritual side would entail, but I walked out of it changed, feeling more of a shift in myself than I could have ever imagined. I also felt safe to talk about my spiritual gifts; in my day to day life I never talk about it to complete strangers, like I did throughout this trip. It helped me realize that more people are aware of other things happening around them and that made me feel not alone.”
A. L. Brainerd – West Hills, CA

Egypt was so beautiful and the people were amazing! I like everywhere we went! The journey was an experience I will never forget. BMSJ, you did a great job! I would not hesitate to do another journey with you!
K. Carter – Canoga Park, CA

What to all concerned! Truly a Sacred Journey! My entire family and myself feel transformed! Would do it all again in a heartbeat! Thank you BMSJ!
A. M. Brainerd – West Hills, CA

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful journey it was to Egypt. It was even more than what I expected. BMSJ, you did a phenomenal job! Thank you again for the wonderful journey. It is truly one I will never forget.
D. Brumfield – Arnold, MO

The November 2005 Sacred Journey to Egypt with Body Mind Spirit Journeys trip was fabulous! Thanks to our Egyptologist Soha Mahmoud and our Tour Director Ashraff. Thanks for all the positive energy!
G. Conger – Chico, CA

I loved the Body Mind Spirit Journeys trip to Egypt in November 2004. They dealt with the mundane details, leaving us all free to travel to the sacred, power spots and focus on ceremony. And they could always answer my questions, both spiritual and touristy. I come home transformed.
T. Crater – Lafayette CO

Egypt was the most magical and enlightening trip I have been on in the last several years. The Grand Finale of being in the Great Pyramid for our private closing ceremony is an experience beyond words!
S. Polanco – Raleigh, NC

I fail completely with words in attempting to describe the profound and life changing circumstances that occurred in Egypt, and as an aftermath of Egypt. I am still processing and feeling the healing energies of our journey. The journey granted me clarity, courage, release of past wounds, an ability to receive love with a heightened ease and grace, and an expansion of spirit that can only be achieved via real experience.
L. McManus, BSN – Sacramento, CA

I felt throughout our journey that everyone treated us as VIPs. I will use your service in the future.
N. Sawyer – Anchorage, AK

Soha, our Egyptologist was an exceptional guide!
M. Boruch – San Francisco, CA

Body Mind Spirit Journeys coordinated an absolutely flawless travel experience. Everything was splendidly planned and executed. The trip was worth every penny and then some!
P.& B. Trapnell – Dallas TX

I highly recommend Body Mind Spirit Journeys sacred tours to Egypt. They are committed to taking care of the details of the travel, which allows you the freedom to focus on your soul evolvement.
C. Mouton – Ft. Collins, CO