Jamie GeorgeThis tour is led by Jamie George, with the assistance of the following hosts at various stages en route. Jamie is a director of the Gothic Image bookstore and publishing house in Glastonbury. He played a major part in the inspiration for the late Marion Zimmer Bradley to write her best selling novel The Mists of Avalon which is set in Glastonbury. He has appeared on many television programmes – including, most recently, The Quest For the Holy Grail (Pioneer productions).


robin-heathRobin Heath is a researcher into megalithic culture and has made numerous TV and radio appearances. His pioneering book, Sun, Moon & Earth, on megalithic astronomy, is available in six languages, while his Stonehenge has become a best-seller in its field. His expertise lies in the astronomy, geometry and proportions of ancient sites. Robin has been an astrological consultant for 27 years and the editor of the Astrological Association Journal. Once a senior lecturer in mathematics and electronics, he is currently working on a book with John Michell about prehistoric surveying science. He lives in St Dogmaels, West Wales.

John MichellJohn Michell is a world authority on ancient science and the code of number and measure that lay behind it. His numerous books have a common theme: the emergence of lost knowledge leading to the restoration of a golden age. His books such as The New View Over Atlantis, The Earth Spirit and The Dimensions of Paradise have affected the world views of our generation by illuminating the science,culture and wisdom of past civilisations. John is a delightful companion on our tours. His refreshing insights, kind and graceful presence and eccentric sense of humour make him a pleasure to be with. We at Gothic Image have had the pleasure of publishing some of his books: The Traveller’s Guide to Sacred England, New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury and The Temple of Jerusalem: A Revelation.