Travel That Gives Back

There is no greater privilege we can gift ourselves than the opportunity to explore the many unique cultures around the world. A travel experience is a treasure that will always be with you. It can’t be lost, stolen, or taken away. The more you share it, the richer it becomes. Body Mind Spirit Journeys has been creating life changing Spiritual and Experiential journeys since 1985. Now, with Tours of Compassion, we are giving tour leaders the opportunity to elevate their programs to the next level.

When we give freely of ourselves to others less fortunate, the greatest reward is always to ourselves. It is said that we can not out-give God. Tours of Compassion give us the opportunity to experience a first class tourism experience and blend it into the opportunity to give of ourselves and our time to those less fortunate.

This type of travel has now become known as “Voluntourism.”

voluntourismHow does it feel to build a bed in a remote village in Costs Rica, and deliver it to a child who sleeps on the floor?

To visit an orphanage in Peru and connect with a child that has never known love, or experienced compassion from another.

To spend a day in a village school in Mexico passing out paper, pens and books (something these children rarely see).

Tours of CompassionWe won’t actually save live, or convert souls, but in sharing acts of kindness and love, we DO make a life-changing difference — not just in the lives we touch, but even more so in ourselves. This is what Tours of Compassion are all about.

From our own experience, we have destinations all over the world that need our help, and every year we will promote three or four of these programs that give back.

It has been our experience that when your travel itinerary combines touring with volunteering, you create an even more life-enriching trip that helps put life into perspective.

When you are thinking about putting together a spiritual travel package and offering it to your group, we hope you will consider adding a “voluntourism” component, and making your program a Tour of Compassion.

Click one of the links below to see a sample volunteer vacation  itinerary: