Sacred Sites and Ancient Stones of Sweden

Tour operated in cooperation with Nordic Light Tours

Sater silver mine, Stockholm, a magic place

May 5 – 14, 2013

This journey is not only a physical journey, it´s also an inner journey. When we visit the activation points of the Mother Earth which also are connected to the Universe, you expand the energy of you – the master you are in the time of present.

There is nothing to reach for anymore, no Earth to save. The Earth is fine. And the focus lands back on you. When you see the master in you – everything is perfect.

You are aware and transformed and you will integrate that, with meditations, ceremonies and spiritual exercises. The energy work looks different at these times, lets call it masterwork. It´s no longer from an outside force – you are the force, the unconditional love and the flow of live.

Hosted by Annica Frantz & Annalena Mellblom

About Annica Frantz: Annica has experienced psychic ability since childhood. She works as a past life therapist, psychic and healer. She is an inspiring course leader in psychic development and self development. As an author and creator of best-selling self development CDs, she has many years of experience traveling the world doing spiritual work and visiting power places. On her last trip to Peru, the shamans made her a representative of their wisdom, and appointed her as a shaman. She believes every person has access to the power within themselves and that each one of us is a master.

About Annalena Mellblom: Annalena is one of Sweden’s most well known people in the fields of self development and psychic development. She has had much exposure on TV and radio. She is an author about hypnotherapy and self development. Educated in London and Sweden, she is a stand for peoples’ greatness and like a master. She leads people to live in freedom and living a life they love. Annalena and Annica are a great team and have been working together since 2007.

Day 1: Sunday, May 5
Arrive to Arlanda airport, Stockholm. Check in at the hotel.

Day 2: Monday, May 6
Travel by bus from Stockholm at 9 am. Going to Uppsala Hågaby.
This is a power place with very strong energies. And the King bear hill is from 1200 – 900 before Christ.
Group meditation in the stone setting. And a visit to the Häll coffin and the ancient gravefield.
We will do masterwork at the place of the old cult house which is an old place for rituals.
Spending the night by Stabbyvillage and the Old town of Uppsala where many ley lines are crossing over.

Day 3: Tuesday, May 7
Leaving Uppsala at 9 am. Two hour drive to Säter and the energy places by the silver mine. We will have our lunch here.
One and a half hour to go to Borlänge and our hotell for the night. We visit Frostbrunnsdalen valley that is a major power place and that used to be a place for offering to the Nordic God Frej. We will do masterwork at the Trinity well that was used to do cleansing moon rituals. We visit the old Domarringen  that still lays on the place.

Day 4: Wednesday, May 8
Leaving Borlänge at 9 am. And travel one hour to Styggforsen and Boda church village. Visit to the limestone quarry.
Spending the night by the lake Siljan. This lake was created out of that big hole that was left from a huge natual disaster that happened about 360 million years ago. A celestial body fell on Earth and created a crater that is called Siljansringen. This is one out of four, known places on our planet that has asteroids underneath the ground and has an impact on the law of gravitation. We will do masterwork on more than one of these very special powerplaces that are in this area.

Day 5: Thursday, May 9
We have many places to explore in this area. The forest of Styggforsen. A wonderful waterfall that is a magic place that has many different kinds of nature spirits. Starting the New moon ceremony.

Day 6: Friday, May 10
A day of to relax on your on in this peaceful forest and beautiful nature. Completing the New moon ceremony.

Day 7: Saturday, May 11
We leave at 9 am to go to Västerås (3 hour journey) and Aros. We´ll have lunch here. In the afternoon we´ll visit many different power places. One of Sweden’s largest graves it´s 60 by 60 meters wide. Next to this ancient grave are two large stone ships with very strong power. One of them has 24 large standing stones. These together measure one hundred meters. There is also plenty of small graves and ship stones from the times of the vikings. This place has been used for ceremonies and weddings. Tor and Frej, the Nordic mythology gods have been worshiped here. 800 meters south of the Anundshög is the power point Tibble labyrinth a very unusual type of ancient monument. Going to Stockholm at 5 pm and spend the night here.

Day 8: Sunday, May 12
Walking around in the Old Town of Stockholm, an exciting town with lots of still “haunted” houses. Time for shopping in the afternoon.

Day 9: Monday, May 13
Leave early morning by ferry out to the archipelago and the island of Ljusterö. The stones that are the ground of the island was created 1500-800 million years ago. You can see on the rocks how they got shaped from the 4 kilometers thick ice during the ice age 10 000 years ago. These rocks are mostly on the north side of the island. When the ice started to disappear about 8000 years before Christ these rocks were still deep under water level. The rocks that holds the island is still raising every year with 0.5 cm per year. In the forest you can still find seashells that come from times when the island was under water. We will walk around on the island and also have lunch here. You can go swimming in the water. We will also do a Water ceremony. Ferry back to Stockholm city and our hotel.

Day 10: Tuesday, May 14
Transfer to Arlanda airport to catch your flight home.

The price includes transfer to and from the airport, private bus, hotels, breakfast, tickets to enter the ancient sites. Ticket for ferry. Guiding and meditations/ceremonies and other spiritual exercises.

The price includes transfer to and from the airport, private bus, hotels, breakfast, tickets to enter the ancient sites. Ticket for ferry. Guiding and meditations/ceremonies and other spiritual exercises.

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