African Healing Rays Journey

With Dean Liprini & Marta Thomas


March 14 – 26, 2012

This spiritual journey is a rare opportunity to experience powerful energy centers of South Africa, the birthplace of our most distant ancestors during the Spring Equinox. Discover ancient traditions and feel the interconnectivity of all things as we heal ourselves and Mother Earth, exploring from the Crown to the Primal Base Chakra of the Cape Peninsula.

Dean Liprini

Dean Liprini

Dean Liprini is a Sacred Site Researcher and Geomancer, who grew up and was born on the Lower Slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa.

He has more than 18yrs full time, hands on experience in this field, has authored a book entitled “Pathways of the Sun – Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and Beyond” Published 2006 and  recently compiled a DVD “Pathways of the Sun – An Awakening”

Marta Thomas

Marta Thomas

Dean is one of the first to unveil many of the Sacred Sites of South Africa – which weave together many layers of Ancient History- Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Energies,  also adding his deep insight and knowledge of the Metaphysical Healing Properties that surround and enshrine these Sacred Places. Marta Thomas has been involved with sacred sites and their healing potential for many years. She has been guided to work with sacred sites the world over, harvesting their healing energies into Sacred Site Essences.

Tour Highlights

  • Explore Sterkfontein Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Cradle of Humankind where ancient skeletons changed the very idea of humanity.
  • Meet a community of Bushmen whose traditions are being eroded by diamond mining.Visit the home of  Zulu shaman and seer
  • Baba Credo Mutwa, see his great works and prophetic paintings.
  • Discover Wonderwerk Gat, a cave once rich with ancient artefacts and rock art paintings plundered by archaeologists.
  • Do ritual and ceremony at Boseman’s Gat, the sacred womb of Mother Africa and one of Earth’s most powerful places.
  • Feel the energy as you place your feet in the water at Africa’s primal base chakra, Cape Point Peninsula.
  • Celebrate the Spring Equinox at Little Lion’s Head, the sacred pyramidal mountain.
  • Imbibe a shamanic tea brewed from healing herbs and understand the divine masculine and feminine energies at two of the most powerful transformative centers.
  • Journey to sacred Bushmen’s Valley and learn a form of meditation to help access the Star Communication Portal.
  • Explore the tide-pools and swim in the magical bay at Cathedral Rock, feeding ground of playful dolphins and a whale breeding sanctuary of great whales, wisdom keepers of the deep.
  • Optional “Big Five” game safari drive in Addo Elephant Park, home to lions, buffalo, black rhino, hyena, leopard, antelope and zebra species.

Land Only Tour Price Includes:

  • Personally hosted by Dean Liprini  and Marta Thomas
  • Accommodations in comfortable Tourist Class hotels with private bath
  • Hotel service charges and taxes
  • Breakfast day
  • Additional meals as per itinerary
  • Sightseeing as per itinerary
  • Sightseeing entrance fees

Day 1-Tuesday, March 13: Arrive Johannesburg – Tour starts Upon arrival, after clearing Immigration and Customs, Dean will meet you and escort you t your guest house / hotel accommodations. Evening  get together

Day 2-Wednesday, March 14: Day One Johannesburg Cradle of Humankind Sterkfontein Caves Travel 1 hour to  Sterkfontein Heritage Lodge, check in. Lunch in restaurant – Cradle of mankind exhibit. We All Re-Group physically and Energetically – Johannesburg is home to the Great Goldmines – but also Mrs. Ples? Perhaps one of Humankind’s earliest ancestors. What thoughts and emotions come forth about the Birth Place of Humankind? Either way we know these ancient beings were here! We visit this ancient place Sterkfontein Caves.

Day 3- Thursday, March 15:  Vredefort Dom  (Largest Metorite Impact site on Earth) Morning travel to Vredefort Dome – Lunch explore/experience the Energies of the Dome, the Great Spirit Acupuncture Earth Node – naval of Mother Africa Journey to Kimberley “The Big Hole” De- Beers Diamonds. Here I know a displaced community of Bushman families, we will visit. We will speak with them and possibly sing with them as well. They are in much need of healing after their ancient ways and spirit have been slowly falling away from their memories, after being manipulated into working the Diamond mine for de Beers. What can we do? From Kimberley we are on route, a two hour drive to Kuruman to Visit Baba Credo Mutwa, the GREAT African Shaman and SEER. We stop briefly to visit the Sacred Shamanic Rock Petroglyphs , for a meditation and Connection to these Ancient Peoples. We Check into Redsands Country Lodge a Private Nature reserve on the Edge of the Great Kalahari Desert. What do the Red Sand Found here symbolize, what is its song..what other places share this Earth ?

Day 4- Friday, March 16 – Sacred Oog (Eye) Spring BABA CREDO MUTWA – The Great African High Sanusi  (this will depend on Baba Credo if he is well enough and wants to see us.)

As we journey through the small town of Kuruman we stop at the Sacred “Oog” the Eye, the largest fresh water spring in the Southern Hemisphere. This forms part of a hidden underground river system that flows across Southern Africa. Here we will draw our drinking water for the day. We will be very blessed if we meet with Baba Credo, please all pray that he will still be here for us and share his spirit and wisdom with us. We visit him at his home with Mama Virginia his wife, we see his Great works, the healing clinic, sculptures and prophetic paintings. We have an opportunity for questions and the day is spent sharing and communicating with Baba….a once in a lifetime opportunity. Be sure to have any Life Questions ready to ask. He may do some Bone divination, he will know if it is necessary! We will share a sit down lunch with Baba in his home prepared by Virginia. If time allows we we’ll journey to a scared cave nearby for a sunset meditation and ritual….will someone sing their song?

Day 5-Saturday,  March 17th: BOESMAN’S GAT – THE SACRED WOMB OF THE EARTH MOTHER We leave Red Sands and Kuruman, on route to Boesmans Gat, literally the womb of the Earth the Deepest inland Water source, a sink hole that takes the physical form of the sacred Birth Canal and Womb of a Woman. We stop briefly at the Ancient sacred cave called Wonderwerk gat “Wonderworks cave” a cave yielding some of the most ancient archeological finds and an Awe inspiring fresco of Rock Art Paintings. This cave has been desecrated by Archeologists from all over the world….what thoughts emotions arise, what intentions can we seed here? We approach The Sacred Womb, Boesman’s gat, with GREAT respect, two Men, entering this sacred place without respect died! We will do Ritual and Ceremony, as we slowly descend to honor this sacred place. We ask permission to enter. This is one of the most powerful places on Earth….it is the Sacred Womb of Mother Africa,  the Healing Ray we are to send out from this Sacred Place and Energy center flows NW. to Mount Shasta 10 291 miles:away. Great Mother Femine Yin to Great Father Masculine Yang ..and All in between!

Day 6- Sunday, March 18: CAPE TOWN – TABLE MOUNTAIN We arrive in the Mother City  Cape Town, we have traveled through the night on the Sleeper Coach train, a gentle rocking and cradling after our Womb experience. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world a Peninsula enshrined by the two primal oceans the Atlantic and Indian. We journey up to the top of Table Mountain experiencing the energies of the crown Chakra of the Cape Peninsula we visit the sacred Eye of The table Mountain Goddess, what do we see…! We journey from the Crown half way down the to the Southern Tip of the Peninsula to the Solar Plexus Chakra. We check into the Quaint old Southern Right Hotel set outside the city, in the Sea side Village of Glencairn, my home town. Relaxed peaceful atmosphere, 1min. walk to beautiful safe beach walking and swimming . Enjoy the sunrise over the ocean!


We Awake and after a scrumptious breakfast we travel further down to the South Western Tip of the Peninsula here we place our feet in the ocean at this vortex of sacred waters to experience the powerful energies found here…What do we feel, we are at the South Western tip of Africa the Divine Tuning fork….will we get in Tune? PICNIC LUNCH at this beautiful and powerful Earth Energy Point

Day 8- March 20: THE SPRING EQUINOX WE MEET THE PEOPLE This is it! The sacred day has Dawned – We gather with others at the Sacred Pyramidal Mountain of Little Lion’s Head to share in a ceremony and experience a spectacular alignment and Sunrise on the day on the Spring Equinox ”Magic is Afoot.”  Afrter our sharing we venture forth into the nearby African Township with Nuntonsi our local guide…we experience the feelings and emotions of life in the Township. We meet with everyday people, local musicians, traditional healers….what can we do? Sing with them dance with them…?

Day 9- Wednesday, March 21: ASCENSION CAVE – PYRAMID ALL SEEING EYE – THE GREAT MOTHERSTONE Now that we have a better understanding of the Divine Tuning fork, the Cape Peninsula we are on, we start to focus our attention on the Solar plexus, Pyramid and All Seeing Eye Rock and the lower Heart Chakra, Ascension Cave. These two Sacred Nadis are the bridge between the Upper and lower chakra’s, interestingly they are separated by the Sun valley the deepest vault line across the Peninsula. We work energetically to better understand the two Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies that Enshrine these two Special places of Power and Nurturance. I will make a shamanic tea from the surrounding healing herbs, to help imbibe the Earth Heaven Song Enshrined and better connect with the energies of each place. These are two of the most powerful transformative energy centers on the Cape Peninsula, what songs will be summoned from this Sacred Place! We spend the better part of the day working with Pyramid and Ascension Cave. We then move to the Western Edge of the Peninsula …to the Great Motherstone. Here where Land Sea and Sky Meet we visit the ancient granite caves rubbed smooth by the feet of thousands of beings taking shelter and doing ceremony here. We honor this sacred place and do a sunset meditation from this powerful portal as we are enshrined by the Energy Field of the Great Motherstone…. Echoes from the past a distant song can be felt….can you hear it?!

Day 10- Thursday, March 22: WE GO WEST……BUSHMANS KLOOF VALLEY We leave our cozy hotel heading up the West Coast of South Africa, on route to the Sacred Bushman’s Valley, it is here the Ancient one’s experienced the Sacred Path of the Elephants, the Great Wisdom Keepers. Here we will overnight in converted cottages of the early Farm workers. ( Cute and cozy) Before Sunset we will walk the trail to experience the land and the shamanic rock paintings left by these Ancient people. They knew much of the Nature of Heaven and Earth and had an open communication with the Stars…Here I will teach a form of meditation to help access the Star communication portal that is here. Photo, on left is a Blue Being, appearing to look over a blue sphere? Keeper of the Blue planet? Here we see two GOLDEN ELEPHANTS that have been ceremoniously positioned to capture the last golden rays of Sunset…we will align ourselves with these great wisdom keepers and their memories..what sounds and songs will they encourage us to sing?

Day 11: Friday, March 23: WE GO EAST – HERMANUS PLACE OF THE WHALES Early morning we journey west following the flow of the Mountain magnetics toward Hermanus we will be passing a Vortex area, the convergence of two Great Mountain ranges ( guidance as always from all) We stop in Hermanus, overlooking the ocean where the powerful song of the Earth Energies explode into the Indian Ocean, this is the Song that draws the Great Whales the Wisdom Keepers of the Deep back to their Sacred Breeding Waters from the South Antarctic Ocean. Will we hear this Sacred Tune? What Deep Emotions does it Stir within?! We Enjoy a Sea Food Lunch Extravaganza! in a Sea Cave once used as a shelter by the Ancients that has been converted into a restaurant. (whale photo..Fiona Hinds) Still March 23-  WE GO FURTHER EAST – AGULLAS SOUTHERN TIP OF AFRICA

We set off for another Power point, the Southern Tip of Africa. We focus our attention on the North South Meridian, and Polarity….What Ray of Healing will we sing here in this Sacred Place. What Energy can we feel, can we hold this alignment! We journey further East to the “Land of the Rising Sun” We visit one of the Sacred Caves, with its Great Guardian Rock Being overlooking its entrance, What have these Ancient Beings seen, what knowledge and wisdom do they have to share with us….what long forgotten song would they like to hear? we travel our last leg through Knysna Lagoon…Her Ebb and Flow the source of Life and Nurturance to many over the hundreds and thousands of years….we reflect on the Tides (over a late dinner) the balance of Nature and all Life…we remember this song. We reach our final Luxury Villa’s accommodations Keurboom Strand Plettenberg Bay.

Day 12- Saturday, March 24: ROBBERG BURIAL SITE We move to the Beach to Greet The Sun! We bathe and cleanse ourselves in the Golden Rays of Sun Light …we give Thanks. All this time the Energies of the Equinox have been stirring in and around us. all, with the New Moon drawing near…. On to the Robberg Peninsula a magical and Mystical place chosen by the Ancients to do special burial rituals with painted gravestones. From here the beautiful Bay of Plettenberg stretches in a huge Arc to the East…and Ends where the Great Range of Mountains the Hottentots Holland that we have been following for 700km finally explodes out into these beautiful waters at Cathedral Rock enriched with great abundance of Life… the feeding grounds of our watery and playful Friends the Dolphins & breading sanctuary of the Whales. We spend the day exploring this magical place we swim in the bay, connect with the Dolphins and walk the beautiful beach…What will we experience, what feelings are expressed?

Day 13- Sunday, March 25: CATHEDRAL ROCK We begin our final day together with a beach walk to the Sacred Burial Ground of Cathedral Rock, we will spend the whole day enshrined in the Energies of this Powerful Portal…We eat food straight out the sea (mussels, oysters, seaweed, etc.) to further ingest the Life Force of this Sacred Place, we visit the caves with some of the deepest shell middens in the world…we connect with the antiquity of Humanity the antiquity of the Human Spirit… We Connect with Each other and gather all we have shared and then…….. We sing OUR SONG of HEALING our Sacred Ray of Hope together as ONE ….Namaste’

Day 14-Monday, March 26: TOUR ENDS or OPTIONAL LUXURY” BIG FIVE”  GAME EXPERIENCE Today your tour ends with your departure to the airport and your return flight home. OR Take a Game Reserve tour to experience the “Big Five.” No trip to Africa is complete without the opportunity to experience the animals up close in the pristine African Bushveld. I will include a morning game drive for all at the Addo Elephant Park. (those leaving will fly out of Port Elizabeth to connect with Evening home flight) I will arrange further evening and morning game drives, for those who choose completing your last overnight in top class accommodations. What will these Great Animals and Bushveld of Africa have to say to us?…..In the wise words of Baba Credo; The Earth actually talks to us and sends us hidden messages, only we are to stupid to crude to hear!

Day 15-Tuesday, March 27: TOUR ENDS Today your tour ends with your departure to the airport and your return flight home

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