With Kathleen McGowan & Isobel Denham

May 15 – 28, 2017
Highlighting Celtic Cornwall Including: Legends of King Arthur, Avalon/Arimathea & Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Anne Boleyn and London


Sacred Britain Tour

“Did those feet in ancient time walk upon Englands mountains green?”
William Blake asked the question: was Jesus in Britain as a child, as the Cornish traditions suggest?  Come and join Kathleen McGowan and Isobel Denham on this Magical, Mystical journey through Celtic Cornwall and the most enduring legends of human history which were born and nurtured there: the childhood of Jesus with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, leads us from the tin mines in Cornwall to Glastonbury and the Isle of Avalon.  We will explore Celtic and pre-Celtic mysteries at Stonehenge and Avebury, and finish by connecting the history back to Anne Boleyn, England’s great and misunderstood queen, who is the subject of Kathleen’s next books.

Join Kathleen and Isobel as you visit some of the regions most sacred places in Cornwall including King Arthur’s Tintagel, St Nectan’s Glen and Bodmin Moor, Cornwall highlighted by visits to Trethevy Quoit, St Michael’s Mount, Poldarks’ Tin Mine (believed to possibly be the Arimathea tin mines), St Just in Roseland, Falmouth, a boat ride on the River Fal and more. On to Glastonbury and Bath, with a visit to Avebury and a special entrance to Stonehenge. Then to the region of Kent for an in-depth look at Anne Boleyn, where the tour ends. Or, you may choose to join Kathleen for an optional three-day post-tour stay in London.

Note: Tour Size is Strictly Limited
As roads in the Cornwall region are very narrow, our coach will be restricted as to size.
That is why we are only able to confirm 34 travelers based on “first received/first served” reservations

Your Hosts on this Sacred Journey

chalice-well-kathleenKathleen McGowan
International bestselling author of The Magdalene Line series, including The Expected One and The Book of Love, Kathleen is now turning her pen toward Britain, as she writes her fourth novel in the series, The Boleyn Heresy. As a descendant of both the Celtic and royal traditions in the Isles, Kathleen brings a depth of knowledge and passion to this very special journey. Her work on the early Christianity is furthered by exploring the theories of Jesus spending his childhood in Cornwall, which will be experienced here!

Isobel DenhamIsobel Denham
Activist and humanitarian, known throughout the region as “Isy,” she has been guiding pilgrims through Sacred France and Britain for many years. Isy’s family has called Cornwall home for decades, and she brings her signature wisdom, warmth and generosity of spirit to this journey.

The Tour Includes:

  • Sightseeing and excursions led by Kathleen and Isobel
  • 12 nights at good four-star hotels, all rooms with private bath/shower (14 nights with the London extension)
  • Service charges and taxes at your hotels
  • Breakfast at hotels each day
  • Many lunches at local pubs & restaurants as per itinerary
  • Dinners every night
  • Glass of wine with dinner
  • Transportation by deluxe motor coaches and vans
  • Escorted throughout
  • Porterage of one piece of luggage per person on arrival at hotels
  • Optional post tour stay in London


Day 1 – Monday, May 15: Arrival at Bristol Airport & Transfer to Truro (D)
Please arrive at the Bristol Airport no later than 11:00 am, where we will meet Kathleen and Isobel. Then proceed by coach to our reserved accommodations in Truro. Time to relax before our Welcome to Sacred England dinner.

Day 2 – Tuesday, May 16: In Truro – Exploring Pre-Historic Cornwall Including Lanhydrock Manor (B/L/D)
trethevy-quoitAfter breakfast, we set off towards the Moorlands, with its many ancient standing stones and menhirs. These Megalithic monuments remind us that ancient ancestors took great care in their construction and placement, marking out the patterns of the stars above and the coiling of the energies in the earth below. These telluric currents, now known to us as the Michael and Mary lines, stretch from the far West of Cornwall to a point on the East coast of Norfolk, marked by such places as St Michaels Mount, Glastonbury, Avebury and many churches dedicated to St Michael and St Mary, the christianised Earth Mother. They bring us the feeling that we have got down to the very beginning of things. It gives a sense of identity. Places like Trethevy Quoit, estimated age at 5,500 years. Or Duloe Circle with its ring of striking white quartz stones. From lanhydrockhere it’s a short journey to the splendid Lanhydrock, where we will have a light lunch and visit the Great House that stands on 890 acres of formal gardens, highlighted by buildings constructed over an older structure, in the 16th century. Recently a book was found here, in the ancient library, written by William Oakham in 1495, which had been used by Henry VIII in his search for evidence to support his right to divorce Queen Katherine of Aragon in favor of Anne Boleyn. We spend a delightful afternoon exploring the house and grounds, and return to our very interesting hotel for dinner.

Day 3 – Wednesday, May 17: In Truro – St Michaels Mount and the Poldark Tin Mine (B/L/D)

Saint Michael's MountToday’s touring takes us to the tidal Island of St Michaels Mount with its medieval Abbey and Castle set in Mounts Bay, (which we reach by a causeway at low tide or by boat at other times). The Mount is thought to have been the Island of Ictis, with a historically important port for the export of tin and copper, between 400 BCE and 400 CE. Its ancient name of “The Old Rock in the Wood” suggests an alternate explanation, in that it may have stood in a forest around Mounts Bay, and may have been part of the sunken, legendary Land of Lyonnese. After a light lunch at a Penzance restaurant, we are off to other sites in the region: Merry Maidens, Men-an-Tol, (the Iron Age Village with its Fogou), and a visit to the Poldark Tin Mine, active since pre-Christian times, “the cradle of Tinning in Cornwall.” History tells us that Joseph of Arimathea, recorded as having been a “Decurion,” a wealthy Palestinian metal merchant, and a friend/relative to Jesus, was a frequent visitor in these parts. If time permits, we will be able to go underground into the mine (again good footwear needed).  Afterwards, return to our hotel for dinner and our overnight.

Day 4 – Thursday, May 18: In Truro – A Boat Trip on the River Fal (B/D)
fal-river-cruises-boatAfter breakfast we are off for a boat ride on the beautiful River Fal (to include a number of stops). We meet our tour bus, which will convey us, for a highlight visit to the tiny Church of St Just in Roseland, where local legend says that Jesus Christ came ashore with Joseph of Arimathea. Return to our hotel for the balance of the day at leisure. In the evening, we are hoping that there will be an optional visit to the panoramic, open air, Minack Theatre. Please note this is a bit of a hard walk and weather, time and tide will dictate our ability to offer this.

Day 5 – Friday, May 19: Leaving Truro for Padstow and Tintagel (B/D)
tintagelWe leave Truro in the early morning and head East to the village of Tintagel, the alleged place of King Arthur’s conception and birth. Tradition says that Arthur’s father, Uther the Pendragon, was magiked into his mother, Igraine’s bed. We visit the ancient ruined castle which was the seat of Cornwall’s Kings and that stands upon a soaring headland surrounded on three sides by the ceaseless swells of the Atlantic Ocean. Recent excavations, (2016), have revealed remains of a large, evidently wealthy 6th century palace like building, which is thought to have been the seat of the medieval kingdom of Dunmonia, (i.e. at the place and time of the Grail King Arthur’s existence). Time, tide and weather permitting, we climb down to the stunning cave of Merlin, where the baby Arthur was said to have been hidden by the Magician. Time allowing, we visit “King Arthur’s Great Halls,” a large, elegant 19th century house in Tintagel, a showcase of Arthur’s life and ideals in printings, artifacts and stained glass. After our visit, we return to Padstow for dinner and our overnight.

Day 6 – Friday, May 20: In Padstow and Tintagel (B/L/D)
rocky_valley_labyrinth_tintagelVisit to the Elizabethan House, in Padstow, Prideaux Place. After a delicious lunch, our tour continues to the enchanted fairy glen of St Nectan, with its wonderful waterfall and keive (initiation bowl), the Knights’ refuge, saint’s hermitage and chapel. Then to the Rocky Valley to see the ancient small labyrinth inscribed in the rock, and St Matriana’s chapel. Time allowing, a rather interesting museum in Boscastle. Return to Padstow for our overnight and dinner at our hotel.

Day 7 – Sunday, May 21: Leave Cornwall for Bath, Glastonbury & Avebury (B/L/D)
glastonbury_torToday we travel to Glastonbury and start our touring at the magical hill known as Glastonbury Tor, where the Michael and Mary energy liens “kiss.” It is said there was a Labyrinth here which dated back to the Megalithic era…the same time as the building of Stonehenge and Avebury. We will hike to the top of the Tor, where there is a monument to the Archangel Michael, before continuing on. Following lunch, we will go to Avebury, with its largest stone circle, built 5,000 years ago. It’s the megalithic capital of Britain with its awesome bank and ditch, and inner circles. Avebury and Stonhenge are now viewed as being parts of one whole sacred prehistoric landscape complex, avebury_henge_and_village_ukwe can explore in wonder of the thought forms and the world of the Neolithic peoples. We will also take a quick walk down to visit the “Tolkein Tree” where it is said that JRR Tolkein would take naps – and was the inspiration for Middle Earth.  After an exhilarating day of touring, we continue to our hotel for dinner and our overnight in Bath.

Day 8 – Monday, May 22: In Bath, Stonehenge and Glastonbury (B/D)
stonehenge-sunA very special day as we will see and feel the spectacular, atmospheric and contrasting giant megalithic temple this morning. On today’s memorable journey, we will start in Stonehenge, England’s most famous monument and a testament to the scientific and engineering skills of the Bronze Age. This enigmatic site remains one of the great mysteries of the ancient world. In addition to a private entrance for meditation, we will explore the many theories behind the construction and purpose. glastonbury_town_centreThose who are sensitive to these massive temples claim that the megalithic blocks are constantly radiating tremendous amounts of energy. One legend maintains that the massive blocks were brought from Ireland and set into place by the greatest Druid of them all – Merlin!  Afterwards, we drive to Glastonbury, for some free time to explore the town of Glastonbury for a few hours – it’s one of Britain’s major spiritual sites. Later we return to our reserved accommodations in nearby Bath for our overnight and dinner.

Day 9 – Tuesday, May 23: In Bath – Touring Glastonbury region (B/L/D)
chalice-well-kathleenStart our day with a visit to Wearyall Hill – the traditional resting place of St Joseph of Arimathea and the site of the original Holy Thorn of Glastonbury. Then on to the beautiful Chalice Well Garden, where over the millennia, the waters of a natural primary water spring have made a holy place for Christian and Pagan alike. Chalice Well is a place of quietness and reflection, where you can partake of the waters of this healing spring. glastonbury-abbeyContinue to the Abbey, built on ancient holy ground, the alleged site of King Arthur and his beloved wife’s burial and tomb. Explore the remains of this large and magnificent Benedictine monastery, dissolved by Henry VIII in the 1500s and allowed to go to ruin. We also visit Gog and Magog, two giant oak trees, the sole survivors of an ancient Druid grove and ceremonial path. Gog, at least 1,500 years old, is now virtually dead, but still stands, while Magog survives. Along the way we investigate the ancient world of the Great Goddess, the legend of the Holy Grail, earth mysteries, ley lines and earth energies, the sacred geometry of the Abbey, and the theory that the landscape around Glastonbury is shaped in the form of the twelve signs of the zodiac constellations. Return to our hotel for our overnight and dinner.

Day 10 – Wednesday, May 24: To Hever (B/D)
heverAfter breakfast, we depart for the village of Hever and our accommodations at the Hever House which is the actual converted farm and stables of the Boleyn Family. After checking into our accommodations, we are free to enjoy lunch on our own or to just relax and walk around the property which evokes life in Tudor times. Return to the hotel for a special afternoon with Kathleen for a lecture on Anne Boleyn as well as an exclusive reading from her new book, The Boleyn Heresy. Dinner and overnight at our hotel.

Day 11 – Thursday, May 25: In Hever (B/D)
hever-castle-and-moatToday’s touring will focus on Anne’s childhood home and 700 years of history at the romantic double-moated castle that once was the home to Anne. The splendid rooms contain fine furniture, tapestries, antiques, important collections of Tudor paintings and two prayer books inscribed and signed by Anne. We also will visit St Peter’s Church, where Anne’s father is buried, as it is also on the grounds. Lunch on our own – there is a wonderful Pub called The Henry VIII, right across from the castle, or try the Castle tea shop. there will be plenty of free time to explore the gorgeous award-winning gardens set on 125 acre grounds, as well as do some shopping at the wonderful Hever Castle shop. Dinner and overnight at the Hever House.

Day 12 – Friday, May 26: To Heathrow Airport and on to London for the Optional Tour (B)
After breakfast the basic tour ends and we head to Heathrow Airport where we will arrive approximately at Noon. For those continuing on the Optional London Tour, we continue to England’s capital, London After checking in at our hotel, we will have the balance of the day and evening free for independent exploration, shopping, the theater and dinner.

Day 13- Saturday, May 27: In London (B/D)
westminster-londonAfter breakfast, we have a tour morning to experience London’s West End, including a look at Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Square and a guided tour of Westminster Abbey, an architectural masterpiece of the 13th to 16th centuries that presents a unique pageant of British history – the shrine of St Edward the Confessor, the tombs of kings and queens, and countless memorials to the famous and the great. It has been the setting for every Coronation since 1066 CE, as well as for numerous other royal occasions. King Henry III, who rebuilt Westminster Abbey in 1245, is Kathleen’s 25th paternal great-grandfather, and is buried here. The rest of the afternoon is free for independent exploration, museum hopping and shopping. hatfield-henryLondon is an extraordinary city of contrast and holds a stunning abundance of hidden-round-the-corner surprises. You owe it to yourself to explore them all. In the evening a “Farewell to England” dinner as you partake in an Elizabethan Banquet at the famed Hatfield House, with a banquet and entertainment in Elizabethan surroundings at the 15th century Old Palace, where Queen Elizabeth I, daughter of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII learned of her accession to the throne. During the evening, you will be entertained in traditional style with minstrels and ballad singers. Return to your hotel for your overnight.

Day 14- Sunday, May 28: Depart London (B)
The Optional tour ends after breakfast at our hotel.

Note: Itinerary correct at time of printing and is subject to adjustments should they be required.


Hotels (or similar)

The Alverton Hotel in Truro May 15-19
The Metropole Hotel in Padstow May 19-21
The Abbey Hotel in Bath May 21-24
The Hever Hotel in Kent May 24-26
The St James Court in London May 26-28


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