Another guided meditation from Lisa Tully

Lisa Tully recently recorded another guided meditation that we hope you will enjoy. As you may know, Lisa leads our “Tibetan Path in India” tours that include a Buddhist meditation retreat. She will also be hosting an exciting pilgrimage to Bhutan in a few months.

If you have been considering joining us for this trip but not 100% there yet, then getting to know Lisa better via her guided meditations might be of interest.

Here is what Lisa said” “If you would like to meditate on whether or not to join us for this journey I have included a sacred guided meditation for you to listen to below. This meditation will awaken more love in your heart and from there you can ask you heart what is the highest choice. It is a cosmic meditation so be sure to do it when you have some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle. And if you enjoy it we will have more meditations like that in Bhutan.”

Please note that the meditation starts about 10-seconds after you press the “Play” icon below…

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A guided meditation to help you invite love

Lisa TullyLisa Tully, who hosts meditation retreats in India, has just released a guided meditation video.

It’s 29 minutes long, and Lisa says it can help you invite more love into your life.

Even if you are a just beginner at meditation, listening to Lisa’s comforting words and soothing voice can help you lower your stress level and get a better perspective on living.

Watch the video below…

CAUTION: Do not listen while operating a vehicle or any other equipment.

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