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June 25 – July 8, 2012

Irish Spirituality has always had a close association with the Ancient Goddesses and Celtic heritage because unlike many other ancient lands, Ireland has never forgotten its past or history. In tales handed down from generation to generation, Ireland enriched its past and saw glory in what it was and where it was going. Ireland is a land of hidden mysteries, with many places of interest. Perhaps the most intriguing and awe-inspiring being Newgrange Passage Tomb which is older then than the Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge.

However there are many other places rich in history and legend, healing and spirituality. Connect on a spiritual level with many of these places, as we explore Ireland’s sacred landscapes which are an intricate part of Ireland’s myths and legends. Journey to the Hill of Tara where Lia Fail (the Stone of Destiny) sits. The High King of Ireland was crowned at Lia Fail and legend has it that when the rightful King was crowned it roared granting its approval Scattered across Ireland are constant reminders of an era when nature and magic ruled. It is easy to imagine white-robed Druid priests performing rituals and brewing magic potions.

Preceding this Celtic era was the Neolithic age, which left Ireland with many sacred passage tombs, stone circles and dolmans connecting us to the past that even today we do not truly understand. Whilst many people today may see death as the end, these Ancient people (including the Celts) saw it as the beginning of a new life therefore they celebrated both life and death. To recapture those experiences of connecting to Mother Earth and to feel the sheer power of these sacred places.

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Tour Facilitators: Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

A native Londoner, Janet was initiated by Alex and Maxine Sanders in 1970. It is here she met her husband to be and co-author, Stewart Farrar. They married in 1972 and moved to the Republic of Ireland in 1976. Stewart passed away in February 2000 following a series of illnesses, but Janet has continued her work as a Priestess and Author.

With her late husband she has written over a dozen books on the Craft to date. Titles which include The Magical History of the Horse, and with her current partner Gavin Bone, three books; The Pagan Path, The Healing Craft and The Dictionary of European Gods and Goddesses. Their books have become some of the most influential in Wiccan and have set the mould for modern Craft writers worldwide.

They have lectured both in the United States and the Netherlands and are now exploring the field of Video as a way of presenting information on the modern pagan movement.Since her initial introduction to the Alexandrian Craft, with Stewart and then Gavin she have been developed her own unique brand of Wiccan and has honorary initiated into several other traditions, including traditional Italian Strega.

She prefers just to called “Wiccan” rather than any specific tradition. In 1999 she became Ordained as third level Clergy with The Aquarian Tabernacle Church, and now holds the charter for The Aquarian Tabernacle Church in Ireland – Tempal Na Callaighe. Janet strongly believe in the idea of Wicca being both progressive and dynamic, while remaining a clergy of those dedicated to serving the God and Goddess.

Born in Portsmouth, Gavin Bone was originally initiated into in 1986. He trained as a Registered Nurse, is a practicing Spiritual Healer and a trained Reflexologist. His first introduction into Wicca was shaky to say the least, becoming involved with individuals claiming to be falsely hereditary. He doesn’t regret these experiences in the least, believing that Wiccan are initiated by the Goddess rather than an individual or a tradition. He developed a fascination with the theory that Wicca’s roots are in tribal shamanistic healing traditions rather than medieval ritual magic. He has studied shamanism in a Northern European context, with particular focus on the Runes.

He met Janet and Stewart Farrar in 1989 at the Pagan Link conference in Leicester and moved to Ireland in 1992 after accompanying them on a tour of the United States. He co-authored The Pagan Path with Janet and Stewart and their latest books The Healing Craft and The Complete Dictionary of European Gods and Goddesses. In the UK he was both a Pagan Link and Pagan Federation contact in early 1990′s and this led him after his move to Ireland to set up the Pagan Information Network; a contact network for pagans in the Republic and the North of Ireland.

Like Janet, he is an honorary member of the Strega tradition, and ordained third Level Clergy with the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.

Tour Highlights

  • Hill of Tara & Loughcrew – rituals, meditations
  • Celtic myths, legends and fairy lore of Eire
  • Stones Circles in Lough Gur & Ring of Beare
  • Kells Heritage centre
  • Newgrange, Knowth, & Dowth Passage Tomb
  • Irish Pubs & Music
  • Evening at Samsa Tire.-The National Folk Theatre – OILEÁN
  • Glendalough – monastic settlement
  • Dromberg Stone Circle
  • Qaulity accommodation and meals

The tour stays in six locations: Dublin, Trim, Glendalough, Kenmare, Tralee, and Ennis.

Our first night we will be staying in Dublin to allow you to enjoy Dublin’s many attractions including the Book of Kells—a 9th century illuminated manuscript and visit the National Museum of Ireland which introduces us to the Neolithic, Celtic and Viking ages so that we can appreciate the ancient and sacred places.  We then travel down to Glendalough and spend two days exploring  this is a magical place—an ancient monastic settlement tucked between two dark lakes and over shadowed by sheer walls of a deep valley.

Within this ancient monastic settlement is one of the Round Towers which are found throughout Ireland.  Once we leave Glendalough  we will commence our spiritual journey.  We will be staying at Trim, a small town on the river Boyne.  This medieval town houses the impressive ruins of Trim Castle.  The castle was used for the York Castle in “Braveheart”.  Our location allows us easy access to the Hill of Tara, Kells, Loughcrew, Newgrange.

We the return to Dublin to take the train across Ireland to Kenmare in the South West.  We will be based in Kenmare which allows us time to visit the Ring of Beare with its hidden stone circles, and take the opportunity to enjoy and relax through meditation and healing.   We finally arrive at the magnificent Dingle  Peninsular (the Ireland of films such as Ryan’s Daughter and Far Away).

The tour includes  free time both at Dublin and Kenmare to explore, rest or shop.  During our trip we experience Irish Pubs and music, plus an evening at Samsa Tire  (The National Folk Theatre of Ireland). This  is a showcase of Celtic culture through music, dance, storytelling and a mine of the myths and legends Ireland.

Our final destination will be Ennis just above Limerick in County Clare.  This town has a medieval feel to it with its narrow streets and quaint shops and pubs.

We be staying in Guesthouses, Irish Bed and Breakfasts or small Hotels. These may be a Georgian residence, a modern bungalow or a traditional cottage.  The informal atmosphere and personal attention are features of the Irish Bed and Breakfasts. Most meals are included but there will be opportunities to eat out on your own.

Itinerary and prices