A Journey to the Heart of the Maya World

Tour operated in cooperation with B’e Q’ij

Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal, Guatemala

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In this journey we will flow with the energies of the Sacred Cholq’ij calendar, which will guide us to learn about Mayan culture and our personal development. We will use the energy of the Solstice to walk towards a state of aware evolution. During a Solstice we are open to perceive the positive energies and to connect with the cosmos, thus activating our personal energy and awakening our inner powers.

Solstices and Equinoxes are astronomic events of great relevance to Mayan people, for they mark the change of season, and if we are aware of these changes we will be able to vibrate at the same rhythm of Mother Earth and the Cosmos.

Hosted by Lina Barrios and Yamanik Pablo

Lisa BarriosAbout Lina Barrios: Lina is an anthropologist and a Maya Ajq’ij ─ Maya Spiritual Guide ─ who, according to this millenary tradition, has reached the age of wisdom, becoming an elder. For nearly 25 years she has worked tirelessly for the preservation of traditional Mayan    languages, women’s rights, dress, culture and spirituality. She is also a published author  ─ winner of the “Premio Iberoamericano Villa de Madrid” prize ─ and a university professor. Lina has visited more than 40 ancient Maya cities, Tab’aleb’ ─sacred altars─ and traditional communities. Her experience, both as a professional and as an Ajq’ij, make her the perfect person to lead people into the world of Maya spirituality.

Yamanik PabloAbout Yamanik Pablo: Yamanik is a young Ajq’ij ─ Maya Spiritual Guide ─ of the Xolmulmus tradition. She received the mission of becoming a Chuchqajaw Rech Tinamit ─ spiritual guide whose commitment is to watch over the wellbeing of her people─, mission in which she is following the footsteps of her spiritual teacher. She has developed the gift of Kab’Tzij, to speak with such kindness that her words heal and comfort the spirit. Yamanik comes from a lineage of Maya Spiritual Guides and she has been part of Maya Spirituality since the day she was born.

Denise Barrios
About Denise Barrios:
Following the footsteps of her father, Denise started her spiritual path as an Ajq’ij at the age of 15, when she began traveling frequently to highlands of Guatemala to learn about Maya culture from the elders. She is the author of the book “The Energies of the Day” which is a daily guide to the energies of the Sacred Cholq’ij Calendar. In addition to speaking Spanish and English, Denise understands the essence of Maya culture, which makes the perfect translator for Lina and Yamanik.



Day 1: Wednesday, June 13

Maya Date: 8 Toj, which is the day in which practice gratefulness. To flow with energy of the day we will raise a prayer to thank the Ajaw (Creator) for everything he has given us throughout life and for granting us the opportunity of experiencing this journey together.

Arrival to La Aurora International Airport, Guatemala City

Ground transportation to Antigua Guatemala, where we´ll have a welcome dinner

Accommodation at Antigua Guatemala at Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo

Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala

Day 2: Thursday, June 14

Maya Date: 9 Tz’i’, this nawal represents justice and truth. We will use its energy to have a truthful approach to Maya culture and to the prophecy of 2012.

Today we will visit Casa K’ojom, which is a museum of Mayan instruments and music, here Lina will give a talk to the group about “Maya Cosmovision and the Oxlajuj Baktun-2012, the Beginning of a New Cycle” we will also talk about the purpose of this spiritual journey.

Then we will have a guided visit to the museum, where we will learn about ancient Maya music and the way in which the different Maya communities live, this will be the perfect introduction to understand the living Maya culture we will see during the journey. After lunch we will leave to Quetzaltenango, where we will spend the night at Hotel Pensión Bonifaz.

Museum Casa K’ojom

Museum Casa K’ojom

Day 3: Friday, June 15

Maya Date: 10 B’atz’ is the day of love and art. Today we will connect with the energy of art through the art of weaving, dancing and through culinary art. While raising our prayers we will focus on the energy of love.

After breakfast we will have an introductory talk about Zunil, the importance of the market and the Ri Laj Mam, his story and significance.

Early departure to Zunil where we will get to see the market, which is one of the largest vegetable and fruit markets of America. Then we will visit the Ri Laj Mam, he is a Native American Saint who is known to be the protector of the Maya people. Here we will have a ritual with candles to ask the Ri Laj Mam for his protection and for his help in whatever we need, we will specially focus in love, which is represented by B’atz’, the energy of the day. Then we will return to Quetzaltenango where a Maya woman will give us a guided visit to the Ixkik Museum of Maya Textiles, explaining the spiritual meaning of the weavings in the costumes of different towns of Guatemala. This will be followed by a traditional Maya dance preformed by Jun Chowen, a dance group conformed by young Mayans, finally we will share a traditional Maya dinner. We will spend the night in Quetzaltenango at Hotel Pensión Bonifaz

Dancers, Jun Chowen Dance Group

Dancers, Jun Chowen Dance Group

Day 4: Saturday, June 16

Maya Date: 11 E symbolizes spiritual and material paths of life. Today we will walk to a sacred altar, opening a path to connect with the cosmic and telluric energies.

After breakfast we will have an introductory talk about sacred altars, specially the one we will visit today, and the Sacred Fire Ceremony.

Early departure San Martin Chile Verde to visit Chi’kabal Lagoon, which is a very powerful and important sacred altar; here we will offer a Sacred Fire Ceremony, our focus will be on asking the energies to guide us toward the path that can help us fulfill our intentions and accomplish our mission in life. Then we will go back to Quetzaltenango, where we will spend the night at Hotel Pensión Bonifaz.

Chi’kabal Lagoon

Chi’kabal Lagoon

Day 5: Sunday, June 17

Maya Date: 12 Aj is the nawal that represents the pillars of inner strength and spiritual power. In Chichicastenango we will visit the Cofradía, which has been the pillar of strength that has kept Maya spirituality alive.

Today we will have an introductory talk about religious syncretism and the meaning and importance of the Cofradía ─ brotherhood.

Departure to Chichicastenango where we will visit the Catholic-Maya church. Then you will have some time to buy souvenirs at Chichicastenango’s famous crafts market. After lunch we will visit the Cofradía of Santo Tomas, where we will share time with the Cofrades.

Afterwards we will go to Panajachel where we will spend the night at Hotel San Buenaventura.

Santo Tomas Church, Chichicastenango

Santo Tomas Church, Chichicastenango

 Day 6: Monday, June 18

Maya Date: 13 I’x is the mother, the wife and mother earth, it represents the mystical feminine energy and the power to expand our mind. On this day we will visit a medicine woman to learn from her the properties of medicinal plants.

Leave in the morning by boat to San Juan la Laguna, where we will visit a Maya medicine woman who will teach us about medicinal herbs, then we will go back to Panajachel where Lina will give us a talk about Maya Medicine, Healing and the use of the Chuj ─ Sauna.

After the talk people who want will have time to use the Chuj. We will spend the night in Panajachel at Hotel San Buenaventura.

Day 7: Tuesday, June 19

Maya Date: 1 Tz’ikin which is the energy of prosperity and abundance. Today we will learn secrets to obtain abundance in every aspect of our life.

In the morning we will have a talk about “Ancient Rituals Performed During the Solstice” and then we will learn techniques to attract abundance to our life. After the talk you will have some leisure time to relax and explore. Late in the afternoon we will depart to Guatemala City where we will spend the night at Radisson Hotel and Suites.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlán

Panajachel, Lake Atitlán

Day 8: Wednesday, June 20

Maya Date: 2 Ajmaq is the energy of forgiveness and the thirst for knowledge and experience; we will flow with the energy of Ajmaq by offering a Sacred Fire Ceremony to reconcile with the Ajaw ─Creator─ and to open to the wisdom of the Elders. We will also work the Solstice rituals.

Early flight to Flores, Petén where we’ll get ground transportation to Tikal.

In the morning we will have a guided visit to Tikal “The City of the Eternal Voices”, which is one of the largest cities of the classic period. In the afternoon we will offer a Sacred Fire Ceremony at the Main Plaza in the presence of the Sun and Moon pyramids. We will spend the night in Tikal at Hotel Jungle Lodge.

Main Plaza, Tikal

Main Plaza, Tikal

 Day 9: Thursday, June 21

Maya Date: 3 N’oj, this nawal transforms our knowledge and experience into wisdom and spiritual understanding. Today we will use the energy of the sunrise to awaken our inner powers and wisdom, using the energy of the Solstice.

We will walk to temple IV before dawn, here we will receive Father Sun and recharge with his energy. We will have an inner harmonization with the energies of the Cosmos and Mother Earth; this will be a moment of silent encounter with ourselves. In the afternoon we will depart to Flores to take the flight back to Guatemala City, where we will have a farewell dinner. Accommodation in Guatemala City at Radisson Hotel and Suites.

View from temple IV, Tikal

View from temple IV, Tikal

Day 10: Friday, June 22

Maya Date: 4 Tijax symbolizes the double-edged obsidian knife which grants you the magic to transform everything the things that want to change and to open up new paths that will get you closer to your purpose in life. This is a great day to use the knowledge you obtained to start walking new tracks.

Transportation to La Aurora International Airport to take your flight back home.

Tour Price Includes:

  • 9 nights hotel accommodation at above mentioned hotels
  • Ground transportation throughout the tour
  • Boat to San Juan la Laguna
  • Air ticket Guatemala City – Flores – Guatemala City
  • Breakfast every day
  • Admission to the ancient sacred sites and museums per itinerary
  • Private presentation of the Jun Chowen Dance Group
  • Ceremonies
  • Talks
  • Donations to the Cofrades, Ri Laj Mam and Medicine Woman
  • Time at the Temascal
  • Spanish – English Interpreter
  • Welcome dinner
  • Traditional Maya dinner
  • Farewell dinner

Not included:

  • International flight to Guatemala
  • Lunches and dinners other than the ones above mentioned
  • Extras at meals
  • Mini bar, phone calls and other additional services at hotels
  • Tips to drivers and guides

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Posada de Don Rodrigo is located a couple of blocks from Antigua’s central park in a colonial and antique home.


This colonial hotel was founded in 1935, it is located across Quetzaltenango’s central park; Pension Bonifaz is one of the best hotels in town.


This beautiful hotel is located at the Valley of San Buenaventura, which used to be an Ancient Maya Village and it now home to a natural reserve. Being a lake front property, San Buenaventura is one of the only hotels in Panajachel with a private beach.


Located in Guatemala City’s “lively zone”, Radisson is the perfect place to rest.


Located on Tikal’s National Park in the midst of the luscious humid tropical forest of Petén, at a 10 minute walk from the ceremonial center of Tikal, the Jungle Lodge offers a comfortable and spectacular environment.