Communicate with Animals:
Follow in the Footsteps of Saint Francis

Assisi, Italy May 17 – 23, 2015


saint francis of assisi


 We invite you to join us in Assisi, Italy the sacred home of St. Francis the patron saint of animals, to explore his world and work with him in the land where he found his calling.

Visiting sacred sites where St. Francis himself used to abide will afford us the opportunity for deep reflection & spiritual growth.

To be guided by our hearts rather than our minds or external influences, opens up a whole new way of being. During our week in Assisi daily meditation sessions will be on offer in the mornings and the evenings to reawaken the gift of intuition so that it may guide you towards a more fulfilling life.

St. Francis realised animals are our co-inhabitants on this earth and have so much to teach us – if we would only listen like he did! By attending this retreat the opportunity to learn the sacred art of animal communication will be available to you.

The renowned global teacher & Hay House author Pea Horsley will join us for two days during this retreat to deliver an introduction workshop on animal communication. If you don’t have any pets or animals in your life, don’t worry! The techniques offered here can also help improve relationships with our fellow human beings as it’s all based around developing our intuition.

Our intention for this journey is to unleash heart wisdom

Turn up the volume of inner knowing

Bring healing to you & all beings around you

That is WHY we invite you

It would be a honor to have you with us…



  • You want to tap into that source – your inner knowing
  • You yearn for more meaningful relationships
  • You long to have greater peace of mind
  • You wish to stride forward in life with both clarity & conviction
  • You simply want to get away from it all in a loving open-minded environment
  • You want to harness spiritual principles so you are able to apply them in daily life
  • You love animals and would like to be able to enrich their lives
  • You are searching for skills to help you cope better with life’s up & downs


villa-menaVilla Mena is our luscious getaway – about 5 km outside of Assisi town. Nestled in the heart of the Umbrian hills, it will provide for us a welcome relief from life’s hustle and bustle.

The Covino family inherited the property from the Sbaraglini – a noble family in the time of St. Francis. The property was restored using traditional materials to maintain the charm and beauty of the hamlet within its surrounding countryside.

We shall have the whole place to ourselves – including the gorgeous outdoor swimming pool! The beautiful Covino family will be there to greet us with their warm & open Italian hearts!


While the logistics are truly amazing, the real & juicy heart of this pilgrimage comes from what you will experience inside.

Our hosts, the Covino family, own a private chapel in Assisi town. Located where St. Francis & his close companion, Berndardo Da Quintavalle first met, they offer us the rare chance to visit and meditate in this hollowed space. That same evening we offer the opportunity to visit St. Francis’ tomb at the basilica and share our intentions with the great saint for our week together in Assisi.

assisi-streetFollowing in the footsteps of St. Francis and St. Clare, we offer you the chance to journey to the place where St. Francis first heard the voice of God instructing him to restore a church. Where St. Clare first heard the teachings of St. Francis and found her calling. And to the hermitage where St. Francis himself meditated for many years – truly an inspiring site.

In each of these places, Cheri – who has been running tours in this area for many years – shall guide us. It was encounter with St. Francis that led Cheri to write a book and initially begin her Assisi journey. She offers the opportunity to go on beautiful inner journeys through guided meditations at these sacred spots.

Lisa will offer group discussions and meditations where we can reflect and revise how we are each individually living our lives. Weaving in elements of St. Francis’ life & his philosophies. Although he lived a long time ago, spiritual truths have an incredible knack at being timeless lessons for us all!

As the patron saint of animals, St. Francis was able to easily communicate with them. Pea shall explain the what, why and how of animal communication – learning how to ‘listen’ with the heart using the Heart-to-Heart technique, exploring the technique of sending and receiving information telepathically & so much more.


  • Develop and deepen a daily practice of meditation to enhance intuition and self-confidence
  • Travel back in time as we visit ancient sites of St.Francis the patron saint of animals
  • Attend a two day introduction workshop on animal communication with the renowned Pea Horsley
  • Enjoy luscious Italian cuisine in the Umbrian hillsides
  • Explore spiritual philosophies as a group to attain greater clarity on life’s journey
  • Communicate with animals through telepathy & hear what it is they have to say
  • Visit the tomb of St. Francis to perhaps ask for his blessing & guidance
  • Meditate in an exclusive private chapel of Assisi where St. Francis himself once visited
  • Find lasting friendships amongst like minded souls
  • Return home inspired with new skills for better relationships will all beings on this great planet of ours


Day 1 – Sunday, May 17 – Arrive Assisi, Italy

Individual arrivals at our retreat centre at Villa Mena, Assisi where lunch will be available. A transfer bus is also possible for those who want to book a spot on it from Rome airport direct to Villa Mena.

In the afternoon we offer a group welcoming & intention setting ceremony followed by a talk on St Francis by Cheri who has had many sacred visitations by this compassionate saint.

Afterwards you have the opportunity to visit an exclusive private chapel owned by a local family who have close connections to St Francis in Assisi town itself.

In the chapel we offer you the chance to meditate as a group on our intentions for the week ahead followed

by a visit to the tomb of St Francis in the basilica. If you wish you can sit and silently share your intentions with St Francis asking for his loving assistance on your journey of remembering your intuition. After this we return back to Villa Mena where dinner will be waiting if you fancy it.

Day 2 – Monday, May 18 – Communication Workshop

Today we offer the first day of our Introduction To Animal Communication workshop with the renowned Pea Horsley. This workshop is designed to be a respectful and safe environment in which students are encouraged to express themselves freely and to let go of any fear of getting it wrong or making mistakes.

You will be encouraged down the path to realizing your own Animal Communication skills and ability. Over the course of the workshop you will begin remembering your intuitive connection with animals and given verified evidence to help you grow in confidence. Pea’s unique teaching style is consistently described as gentle, compassionate, patient and nurturing.

Subjects include:

  • Explanation of the what, why and how of animal communication
  • Exploration of how you will receive information from animals
  • Exercises on how to relax the body and mind
  • Learn how to sense energy
  • Meditation to strengthen the right brain hemisphere to intuition
  • Learn how to ‘listen’ with the heart using the Heart-to-Heart technique
  • Send and receive information telepathically
  • Communicate with animals who are present ‘face to face’
  • Practice communicating distantly with an animal using a photo
  • Receive answers about your animal from another student

Day 3 – Tuesday, May 19 – Animal Communication Workshop

retreat-centerToday we offer the second day of our Introduction To Animal Communication workshop with Pea.

For those who want it, where we are staying has local walks, a tennis court, table tennis & a luxurious outdoor swimming pool to keep you nice and fresh for the days learning ahead.

There is also plenty of space to lay out a yoga mat for those of you who are practitioners already.

Day 4 – Wednesday, May 20 – Sacred Sites of St Francis

Today we offer you the chance to join a group meditation in the morning before breakfast. There will also be time to make full use of the glorious amenities Villa Mena has to offer for those of you who like to start your day with exercise also. After breakfast we will be visiting the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Inside this church is a smaller church called the Porziuncola.

image007This was the first church where St. Francis and his disciples lived together in poverty and where the Francescan movement started. Francis especially loved this place that he chose to take his last breath here.

Afterwards, we will wander the picturesque, medieval streets of Assisi where Francis grew up and visit the most important sites of St. Francis and St. Clare who was a close confidant of the compassionate saint.

These include:

  • The Church and Convent of St. Clare where her tomb may be seen and where the original cross that spoke to St. Francis is kept.
  • The Cathedral of San Rufino. This is where both St. Francis and St. Clare were baptized and it was on hearing Francis preaching in the church in1209 that Clare became deeply touched by his message and realised her calling.
  • The home where St. Francis lived as a child and the store where he worked with his father selling textiles.

We return back to Villa Mena for lunch then you will have time to yourself to soak it all up. Later in the day we offer you the chance to join in a group discussion & meditation followed by dinner.

Day 5 – Thursday, May 21 – Sacred Sites of St Francis

Today we offer you the chance to join a group meditation in the morning before breakfast. There will also be time to make full use of the glorious amenities Villa Mena has to offer for those of you who like to start your day with exercise also.

image009After breakfast we will be visiting the Sanctuary of San Damiano. This Church with beautiful views and lush surroundings is where St. Francis saw the cross of Christ crucified come alive and spoke to him and said “Go repair my house.” It was also the first monastery of St. Clare and where she built her community.

After that, we will travel up Mount Subasio to The Carceri or (The Hermitage) where St. Francis loved to go to meditate in the surrounding caves, commune with nature and talk to the animals. The Carceri in Latin also means ‘isolated place.’

We will have group meditations at these sacred spots to help us tap further into the energy of St. Francis to assist us on this sacred journey.

We return back to Villa Mena for lunch then you will have time to yourself to soak it all up. Later in the day we offer you the chance to join in a group discussion & meditation followed by dinner.

Day 6 – Friday, May 22

image011Today we offer you the chance to join a group meditation in the morning before breakfast. There will be time to make full use of the glorious amenities Villa Mena has to offer for those of you who like to start your day with exercise also. Or at this stage you may just fancy a nice guilt free lie in – the choice is yours, this is your trip!

In the afternoon we offer a group session at Villa Mena to review our intentions and see have they changed over the course of the week. Assisting one another in realising our fullest potential as we subtly intend our next steps beyond this retreat.

In the evening time we offer a second visit to St. Francis’ tomb at the basilica. This is a chance to check in with his loving energy once more & share our revised intentions with him if you so wish. There will also be the opportunity to take a guided group tour of the basilica with a local friar. Follow by dinner in a charming local restaurant.

Day 7 – Saturday, May 23

For our last morning we offer a meditation & a final group get together. Then you are free to enjoy the villa until it is time for your individual departures. A transfer bus is also possible for those who want to book a spot on it from Villa Mena to Rome airport direct.

Please note this itinerary is subject to change.

International Flights & Transfers

Please note you are responsible for arranging your own international flights to Italy. Both Perugia (Ryanair) & Rome airport serve Assisi. We offer a transfer bus departing from Rome airport at 11:00 am Sunday, May 17th to Villa Mena direct (approx 3 hr journey). Do let us know if you would like a spot. This is not included in the tour price and is approx $100 return, depending on numbers. Otherwise you are responsible for arranging your own transfers to & from Villa Mena.

We need you to be at Villa Mena for 4 pm on Sunday May 17 for our opening talk and evening activities. Lunch will be available for those who arrive earlier which we recommend so you are nice and settled before we begin.

Villa Mena is situated 5 km outside of Assisi town itself.

Please click here for exact location details.

For your international transfers on Saturday, May 23, please bear in mind it takes 3 hours to get to Rome airport via our bus transfer plus airport check-in time (please check your individual airlines for their required check-in time). The bus will depart at 11:00 am on the Saturday from Villa Mena arriving at Rome airport for approx 2:00 pm. Please book your return flights in accordance with these timings, allowing yourself extra time should there be delays on the road.
Please keep in mind

Italy is a magical country. Different perhaps to where you are from. Her cultures, her people, her food, her language will all be a new adventure for you.

The best way to enjoy your trip is to arrive with a relaxed mind & an open heart. Our mantra for this tour is ‘surrender & trust’. Allow sacred Italy to take on a journey. One that she has perhaps planned for you long before you ever thought of it. And it may just be even better than you ever imagined possible!

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
~ Mahatma Gandhi


  • All spiritual teachings and meditations with Lisa & Cheri  Terrazza Refettorio Assisi, Italy
  • Two day animal communication workshop with Pea (she will be on this retreat with us for 2 days)
  • 6 nights accommodation at Villa Mena twin occupancy
  • Day 1 lunch & dinner
  • Day 2 – 5 all daily meals
  • Day 6 breakfast
  • All Assisi area ground transfers as per itinerary
  • English speaking hosts for duration of the trip
  • All entrance fees & guide fees


  • International & domestic flights
  • Meals other than those specified
  • Personal expenses
  • Visa & passport fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Transfers other than those specified
  • Activities other than those specified
  • Tips



Following the calls of my heart one day I did the unthinkable. I quit my corporate career despite having two mortgages to pay. Then one day after a hypnosis session I heard a deep calling in my heart to go see the Dalai Lama in India.

lisa-tullyIt was like he had sent me a t-mail (telepathic mail!). With two mortgages to pay, living off credit cards (my savings were non-existent), no job to speak of & a desire to get traveling once again I booked a ticket to go see him.

And things have never been the same since. As it was this trip that inspired me to set up this spiritual travel company. It was a clear case of divine intervention or more like divine instruction!

On my spiritual path I love to draw from a wealth of traditions & great masters including Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, Christianity & Celtic spirituality to name but a few.

All under the close guidance of my beloved teacher Hema Vyas who I have been working closely with for over eight years now.

It was actually on retreat with Hema that I first discovered the power of Assisi. We happened upon St. Francis’ tomb in the basilica where both Hema & myself were instantly transfixed in his energy. In other words he suddenly happened upon us! And this was when the seeds for this Assisi retreat were planted & now they are ready to blossom.

To take you there to experience this sacred place would be a dream come true. I deeply believe great & lasting change is possible from this journey.


Cheri Harris, born and raised in California, left the U.S. at the age of eighteen to begin traveling the world. She has lived overseas in countries such as Bali, Indonesia (where she co-owned an international export-import business), Amsterdam, Thailand, the Caribbean, and now, Italy.

cheri-harrisAt the age of twenty- four, Cheri completed her Montessori studies and began teaching children. Later, she studied Thai Massage in Thailand over a period of ten years and received diplomas from seven different schools.

Cheri has resided in Northern Italy for the last twenty-eight years and speaks fluent Italian. She is a Thai massage therapist and also teaches Thai massage.

Eighteen years ago, Cheri’s life changed drastically after she was contacted by St. Francis. He gave her messages over a period of three years for the book that he wanted to present to the world –  A Message From St. Francis.

This began a new chapter in Cheri’s life. She now gratefully sees herself as a communicator, passing information from a great spiritual teacher to those who are ready and willing to hear these truths.

Her highest dedication is to St. Francis and his mission, which is to make all of us more aware of our essential nature and our limitless potential.

Cheri is now leading regular spiritual tours in Italy to St. Francis’s most beloved places & is delighted to be taking part in our tour as our second group leader. So much so she is even bringing her dog Kumba along so we can all communicate with him!

Internationally renowned animal communicator, workshop facilitator and author, Pea Horsley is the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicator.

peaIn 2004, after 15 years as a theatre stage manager Pea returned to her first love – animals. Since then, she has dedicated herself to helping people make a telepathic connection with their animals to bring clear, direct understanding and aid healing relationships. Pea has an international private practice with clients now across the globe.

Passionate about animal welfare, Pea works with many rescue organisations using her animal communication ability to help animals who are injured, neglected, lost or abused. Among the charities she collaborates with are Irish Retriever Rescue, Cats Protection, Dogs Trust to name but a few.

Pea is a gifted teacher and facilitator and one of her main objectives is to help folks like you and me learn to communicate with animals. She teaches animal communication courses throughout the UK and Europe to adults and children from all walks of life. Age is no barrier either. To date her youngest workshop participant has been 10 years old and the oldest 87.

Pea’s first book Heart to Heart has been translated in Italian for those of you from Italy itself. You can check it out at the bottom of this page in our suggested books section.

Hay House has just published her second book The Animal Communicator’s Guide Through Life, Loss and Love which has already reached number 1 on Amazon’s best seller list. She is very excited to be joining us on this sacred Assisi retreat for two days to deliver her heartfelt workshop on animal communication.

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learning-their-languiagemessage-from-st-francisheart-to-heartdying to be me