Pyramid Conference

May 13 – 15, 2016
Pyramid Family Coming Together!

Join a team of leading pyramid experts for this unique event of the decade.

The 1st international and scientific global pyramid conference with the world’s leaders in the fields of research, archaeology and pyramid history.

During this exciting three day conference, we will explore the powerful history and revolutionary uses of pyramid energy through informative lectures by the world’s leading experts in the field!

Discover its power to generate, transform and transmit energy, how it has shaped our past and how its rediscovery is shaping our future!

Meet Expert Guest Speakers!

  • Dr. Carmen Boulter (Canada)
  • Eng. John Shaughnessy (U.S.)
  • Dr. Sam Osmanagich (Bosnia)
  • Rev. Normandi Ellis (U.S.)
  • Dr. Valery Uvarov (Russia)
  • Dr. Robert J. Gilbert (U.S.)
  • Jason Quitt (Canada)
  • Dr. Maureen Clemmons (U.S.)
  • Steven Halpern (U.S.)
  • William Brown (Poland)
  • Anita Meyer (U.S.)
  • Tracey Ash (U.K.)
  • Birgit Aurell (Germany)
  • Arthur Faram (U.S.)
  • Igor Pitonak (Slovakia)
  • Radmilo Anicic (Serbia)
  • Stacey Kimbrell (U.S.)

For full details, please visit: https://globalpyramidconference.com

Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel
933 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook, Illinois